Saturday, December 12, 2015

Science aur Devdas!

So readers, I have moved to the Capital. Not sure about the reality but I for sure feel like a vagabond. The fun part here, is the deserted roads after 9 pm. Unlike Lahore, this place lets me drive at peace(to some extent). Par lahor di 'ronak' da koi mutabala nahi haiga. There are quality places to hangout but not as many as one finds only in and around MM Alam road. Thus, Capital has nothing on Lahore. And one thing more! One has not made Lahore as insecure as an Isloo mall got from pindi boys, as to put up a 'launda tax' to curb their rising spirits! 300 rupees as of, on this date, for any hell-forsaken lad who is not accompanied by other then another of his kind. So whether you authentically went to buy yourself a dress shirt or a fantasy blazer, and fail to find any, of your choice, and happen to be considered as a charra, viola! your non-refundable token, bought at entry, goes down the drain.
When I came out of college, I wanted to be rich, famous and have a hot fan! so it went down basically to find a career or job, which gives access to all that. Soon as I did my degree, which was not much of my decision, the story kind of took a slight turn. Now, I wanted to have enough money to hangout twice a week, have people suffer with my blog posts and get a bunch of articles published in scientific journals! kuin kay degree kafi na thi, aur abi sufar aur bhi tha. So, even if a decision is not yours at start, its kind of a perk to give it an angle at the end. Thus, I read scientific research and think of John Nash. If I didn't end up with a beautiful fan, least I may settle with a beautiful mind.
Living alone and on my own, is not as bad. But, having your stagnant phase prolonged, is quite detrimental. As bad as, it can make one crazy frustrated and terribly traumatic. If in such case you get a call from your mom, the first thing she suspects is the blaah(her title for your ex) from the past, to be responsible for your erratic behaviour.. 'uss ki call tou nahi agayi tumhay'...and you be like 'nahi maa paper nahi publish ho raha'. 
How can a son tell his mother that he is way out of the probational devdas period! When, where ever one sees, is extended probations(Dev D -> friends and friends of friends). All because of KKHH, instilling the hope that it is never too late to believe in your tale of love and salvage, finding a happy ending, as in, you can get her right on her wedding ruksati as well. Aray bahi, even in that case where will you find a groom who will give up his bride after spending 10 to 20 lakh and wasting a week length of leave from office, just because the girl seem to be depressed and distracted. And more then that, when you have suffered from her eastern indecision extended your devdas probation, that groom makes the move on her behalf and hands her to you. Innit!! akhir kab tak aisay hi larkay devdas ban kar selfdestruct hotay rahay gaye.. parvati ko decisive hona chahiye.. sala devdas truck ki bati kay pehcahy laga rehta hai! 
Anyways,not matter what I am doing, fact is I need a Rockstar level of energy! and in a place like Capital which is tagged as 'asleep' town, the task to gather it all becomes even more important. Else, I get really down. Now, redbull, caffeine or nicotine,whatever, is handy for a sensitive pseudo-scientist.
P.s. science jahan tak bhi pouch jaye, iss miti mein say ranjhay, majno, mirza aur devdas har roz nikaltay rahay gaye... kiun kay logic ko yeha ka climate suit nahi karta! - Bertrand Chandio

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