Saturday, March 12, 2016

Glossy aur Gham!

We love cars, those shinny, glossy, metaloplastic, running horses. They only fart and don’t poop. And we made all types of roads for them, 5 feet roads, two-way roads, highways and motorways, for them. Indeed, the hobbies that we keep, have come with a great cost. All in the name of transporting us in our times of need and of leverage luxury.
We love violence. There is always a share of hatred that we have kept for our enemies. We have our dreams, the ones about annihilating them, obliterating them, these are the ones we cherish and keep close to our hearts. So, we have spent wholeheartedly getting our expensive tools for raising such havoc. When the moment comes, we just like to brag about their destruction capacity, aimed at ruining those few human beings who make us insecure.
We love successful, attractive, subservient, human beings who are equally oppressed, and share similar voids in their existence. The indulgence of such liberties have a price, sometimes its fate-associated and sometimes it hedges on, money or power – associated dynamics, and the desired outcome is the envy of the common folks. We have all sorts of versions of this one: family, companionships and/or agreements.
We love food. The gluttony and its access, the delicacies of taste, the measures of fulfillment, the ecstasy of having to eat what others can’t afford, monetarily , socially, culturally or religiously. Whether in the name of health or distress, we have our personal reasons.
We love sports. The adrenaline packed spectacle, which somehow catches our total attention. The game, the players, they are our fascination and affection. The mental, physical and spiritual capacity of the player is the base of the game. The sacred association to a team becomes the part of the rhetorical stance of one’s belief. We shame, we blame, we cheer, and we share, all in its name. 
Oh, you happiness! What do you do to us!
What we don’t really love much are our rights, our education and our health. We don’t strive for them as long as they do not interfere with the love of our lives that we share, as above.
Fact is that our government does not really care about meaningfully educating the masses. Masses are not really that interested spending on quality education and by quality education I mean, to learn what really works in life and how the life works.
Now to talk about health, well, it is more of a commodity. Quality-wise difference depends upon, who has got the money and access and who has not. Health is not just a diagnosis of what's wrong with you but it is also the knowledge of what is right for you.
Then comes the thing that matter the most! To know what rights you have in the communities that you live in, what are the rights which were anointed upon you at birth, blah, blah, blah.. Now the thing about a right is that it only exists if you know it. Knowledge of it is one fact that’s equally important to having it, because if you don't know what your right is then definitely you might be debarred from it!
P.s. this is the poetry that inspired this post:
Aaj ke gham ke naam (In the name of this day’s sorrow:)
Aaj ka gham ke hai zindagi ke bhare gulistan se khafa (Sorrow that stands, disdaining the blossoming garden of Life,)
Zard patton ka ban (Like a forest of dying leaves)
Zard patton ka ban jo mera des hai (A forest of dying leaves that is my country)
Dard ki anjuman jo mera des hai (An assembly of pain that is my country)
- Faiz Ahmed Faiz

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