Sunday, July 6, 2014

People aur pakoray

Ladies and Gentlemen! Citizens of the planet! People of this absolute Godforsaken generation. Welcome to the holy month! I, the damned writer, the crushed soul, the lone wolf, the unhappy of the happy folk.... and all the complains you hear about yourself from inner selfish conscious of yours, about yourself! Yes i feel that! ... its all that we are together my reader friend!, ahem! coming back to the subject...
i have managed to write this or .. rather i am writing because of the word 'pakoray!' that comes in my blog's title... PAKORAY!! the one thing you holy lot so crave for! the one thing you identify with the month of ramadan in desi-pur of fried-land. Dont feel generalized either, i fully understand that some of my readers might have lot more classy taste of unhealthy after-fast delights. May the cholesterol be ever in your favour.
But me exiled from the holy city of saints.... OH!! the CITY!! the SAINTS!! the PEOPLE!!  THE HOLYNESS!!! MY HOLYNESS!!! ..... -focus- ahem! well all the holy people have their complaints about the month! its like... its coming!! its coming!! the month is coming! Oh my! how will i manage my thirst, hunger, and inner most desire of excess, in plus 40 degree celsius.. there has to be a way!! how stagnant will i be, or could afford to be in the month of stagnancy celebrated by all those around meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!
Come on!! ramadan is about sacrifice, hardship, compassion and resilience... and your whining, complaining and forsaken attitude is the end of it! build some metal!
Now you might feel a sting, and you must! when i write (which is excruciatingly painful but to prove a point)... the word Ramadan! Seriously!! my heart went out to the person who, on the platform of ministry of international nonsense, this full of crap world of facebook shares... shared a very unorthodox stuff!! ...
we here in the land of pure... call this month RAMAZAN!!! right... or use to call!! but some of the folks have got so confused nowadays they have even mistaken Pakistan for AL BAKISTAN!!! Gimme a break!! is your head crack or something! you inferior gene of missing the protein of self-identity!!
i was at a car workshop recently and i managed to master the strength to ask as to why this albaskistan red band number plates are roaming around, in the country? is it the government or the poeple? -because here they are two very different things you know, like two opposite poles for matter of indifference-
to my amazement he told me... Sir jee, log khud hi banwatay hai kiun kay inn kay liye aik hi baat hai.. albakistan ho ya pakistan!
lesson learned :- People of this country are so thoughtful... but from down below!
where are the brains in this malnutrition-struck depression-directed gene pool!!!
so before the epidemic strikes me and i change this title of the blog... from pakoray to bakoray!! GOD SAVE THE BRAINS!! or PAINS!! or what ever.... aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhh .. i already feel the signs and symptoms of loony-ness .. if only this medicine man had an antidote for this madness... :/

this is that infamous post... the cause of motivation and provocation for this post!
par sharam tum ko nahi ati!!

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