Monday, December 26, 2011

Driving aur dramay

Normally the moment you get your hands on the wheel its more like feeling the rush to go full throttle. Not really myccase. I just didn’t want the engine to get shut down once i turn it on. It’s a challenge. Cars are good, but bars are not. Unlike a glowing car, if its not with the right number, its traffic warden magnet. Not a royal moment.
I remember a pharma industrialist claim his old convertible as his second wife. I cant even think of going on that route. But yeah!! Along with petrol… it just burns me.
But once you get this thing going, you just wanna be the next lewis hamilton with (if possible.. somewhere in heaven) nicole scherzinger. i wish that every road could be of motorway standard and had the traffic of the darkest hour of night. But that’s that and it aint gonna be like that. You got to save the drivers of your league, as well as the raeriwala, ghadaGHariwala, and the bus wala (this one you need to stay safe from).
Most important part of your drive is music… and AMPLIFIER by imran khan(the singer) is the song!! As cheap as you can get.. full pumpy song. By the way, the kind, now and then from across the border will do as well.
That’s all for the driving part… now is gonna be observe and split. Been reading manto sahibs essays on the stars of old bollywood… he sure has his way… manto sahib when Johnny walker ki black label na melay to lipton ki yellow label say hi guzara karlay tay., i do wonder though if manto had known veena ‘the legend’ malik … what would he have to say about her. But anyway … manto was a class act.
As for the politics… well things are ‘established’ now… as we can see the ones following the truck lights are being overtaken by the rest!! One has got to admire the amount of heart imran khan has shown while accepting so many of lost canons .. hats off captain!
As for daily routine… procrastination is the word! and ofcourse driving aur dramay

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