Friday, November 20, 2015

Pizza aur Pitai!

So folks, its the usually one of those days once again now. I am all alone in this big wild world, thinking about something authentic! well... what is it? Ladies and Gentlemen! brace yourself! the commercial investors of Pakistan are bringing for you, with its theme and spirit... the authentic new york style pizza, wohi purana ninja turtles wala!
Now here here! you would normally be accustom to go and dine in at the pizza hut 'restaurant', another foreign pizza chain, and eat the conventional pizza or even have seen film references of characters sitting in papa johns, i mean. But now this is not your any-other-day-pizza! how many times in sitcoms or films, have you seen people going out to eat pizza in NEW YORK!! These shows gave birth to the idea of pizza delivery guy! PIZZA IS MEANT TO BE DELIVERED AT YOUR PLACE IN ___ MINUTES, OR IT IS FREE!! REMEMBER!! par tum log apnay paoun par ki kulhari martay ho! come on!! these poor souls trying to sell you pizza, had no clue that you people wont realize that.. because of which many of these outlets who were just free delivery service or take away(in case you were too desperate to eat pizza), conveniently removed the free pizza clause but had to open up the dine-ins! thanks to desi touch! kiun kay baat tou hai ehsaas ki!
I, of recently, had a coincidence of visiting such a dine-in of one of these 21 inch pizza outlet in the capital. YEAH YEAH!! guilty as charged! Well folks, what do i see... karma! do you know one other thing about pizza... you eat it with your-bare-hands! for those of us who didnt, karma had forks and SPOONS for them! what torture!! try eating with that sehyano! for all those who find it hard to eat a pizza by hand, just look at this guy for-sake of a tutorial!

Some days ago we came to witness epicness on the tele. Yes, I mean the ALL-STAR series! takes you right to your childhood cricket with a touch of nostalgia. Walsh ki dullai, spin kay agay dearr, moin khan phir say leg pay out.. moment of zen.. alan bowls to pullock caught by kallis and ambrose ka hair style.. form is temporary class is parmenant till 10 years of your retirement!!! jonty ka sweep.. shoaib aaj bhi ponting say pitai kah raha hai! i wish they include inzi and yusaf in all star! -sign-
What makes a legend, the score, the fame or the pedigree? i presume by many standards, they all are legends! But measures should also be taken so that it does not end up as a format for geriatric cricket!
Anyways, in recent past I came across this fact the some of the breakfast outlets in posh areas of capital, tend to begin their day with a '10 am breakfast', which even the foreigners, who are their frequent customers, find it odd! bhai 10 bajay koun sa nashta hota hai!
p.s. zindagi gulzar ki dukaan nahi hai, yeh koi bohat hi ISO-non compliant edara hai!

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