Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lustful aur Lota

So apparently 20 year old lads want to know the girl’s name, 25 year old guys want to know who is her dad and 30 year old men want to know the mother-in-law… and the 45 year old uncles…. Well they just want attention!
While we live with an America, where good for nothing self-hired money boosters for the rich called hedge fund managers make billions, and, a Harvard economics Professor with a Nobel Prize, does not even make a 0.0001% of that!
While that happens there…. In Pakistan, apparently every open ended joke among lads ends with a metaphorical sausage revelation. And to the better end of that you never get to have an intellectual discussion with your mates. Shortcomings of locker-room talks!
We live in a dog eat dog world, and that’s why if your pedigree is top class and your ken is world class. You land as a better dog. To know whose who and whats what, your mamas chachas will take care of it. As for making it to the next level, you would have a bull dog reference to get the job. Competence comes second and connections come first, when you have a gold strap around the neck.
This Summer’s bye elections in NA-151 sort of depicted the real picture of democracy. Not that its too profound in this town but does not fail to represent its people. An election that was contested among ten candidates for the national assembly seat, the result was bitter sweet. 
While we are left flabbergasted … people who are more important – the Politicians, they are having fun. One year ago there was a surge of working politician to desert their own parties to ally themselves with a new immerging  Imran Khan. But this seemingly, revolutionary moral type casted tsunami tends to tide back to its cradle.
Imran Khan has become a nuisance for the PMLs and PPP. The ‘jiyaalas’ who previously were hell bent on sticking to their wings, right or left, as case may be, had been stuck in their party for no good. Previously if they were dictated and ignored in parent party, leaving them to be assembly back-benchers, retired politicians or outcast workers, PTI gave them a common ground to slightly bend their principles. Neither would they be a peoplaah nor would be ranted as leaguey, in so and so.
Finally!! now they can get a place of their significance. But not in PTI but the parent party! Well what happening is that now the Sharifs, Chaudaries and Zardaris are ‘compromising’ with them and requesting them for a comeback at the eve of the elections. Thus, leading to a desertion campaign within PTI.
Kiun kay subah ka bhula shaam ko wapis ah jaye tou ussay bhula nahi kehtay
Aur yeh..
Kiun kay lota humeysha lota hi rehta hai!!

Waisay... None of the leading Politicians from the City of Saints aur uss kay muzafaat say, seem left out of the race! Keeping it real, making us PROUD :D -pun intended-

Muzaffarabad aur manzar!

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