Friday, October 21, 2016

Country aur Chai-wala!

We all have listen to the Grimm tale where a princess kisses the frog and turns him into a prince....
Well folks, the social media publicizes 'rags to riches moments' of ordinary people with ordinary lives, and turn them into extraordinary by their own definition of choosing, to play the role of God.
We are getting crazy with this recent Chai-wala aka Hot-tea!

This country needs to find some direction. Initially there was Qandeel Balouch, then Momina Mustehsan and now Arshad Khan. Are they going to be raised to the top, to be sacrificed by some satanic ritual?
The question is that will he be able to handle this new earned fame?
The fact that he is given a modelling contract over a chai-wala past puts in a comparison in the equation. Does this imply that its 'better' to be a model then a hard working tea maker? If yes, then this is a clear case of looking down on other chai-walas and demeaning their profession.
The fact that his 'green' eyes are attractive for the masses, is nothing but an extension of the complexion complex.It is a dangerous precedent for a gold standard per se, and what more but a depiction of a deep rooted eye colour complex held for ages in our society, leading to a much stronger suppression of self expression and building peer pressure to wear lens to go green for the sake of acceptance in a materialistic society.
The social media has proven once again, its mindless mental, where the sheep are led by a wolf-shepherd. A downright insult on the years of education. Education that should have led to a merited judgement and in itself served as a promotion of skilled people as real glamour.
Alas! apparently we are becoming a nation of trolls with nothing substantial to add to social media.
The problem lies with the growing materialism in our society, where we are insecure about our very existence not to just say appearance or pay-checks. The professions are merited on money. This leads to a chain of constant dissatisfaction and ultimately, depression. In a country where 34% of the population is already suffering from depression this is a dangerous trend to follow.
Being a university student I wanted to hear opinions from the bright and eager minds of tomorrow and this is what they had to say:

"Stop creating hype about chai wala, this is simply madness" - Faiqa, Undergrad

"Tumhay momina nahi milni, humain chaiwala nahi milna"' - Nabeeha, Undergrad

"People are wasting their time."- Ali, Undergrad

"Real issues like Kashmir are getting ignored, a chai-wala is getting hype" - Haroon, Undergrad

"Highly disappointed. Social media so badly flooded with this chai wala story! Is this where our country is going man? Since when beauty became talent? Grow up Pakistan!" - Gul e Maryam, Mphil Student

"Media needs an issue for publicity, this is something working in mutual benefit, though not in much sincerity, more like a 15 minutes to fame thingy" - Kamran, PhD scholar

"Poor man is attractive, why are we surprise? We have a multitude of issues in this country which need consideration then someone's green eyes and handsome features" - Junaid, PhD Scholar

In my view, every human being is beautiful but having said that there is no doubt that this current hype is going to go places and much further. Its better to use it to the positive and substantial benefit of the masses, and not to aggravate the prevalent pathos. Time will tell if its, trend or trash!
We should not be vectors of propounding materialistic trends and I am not referring to the class of logical version of materialists by Democritus here! Though, instead of being impertinent, one can always learn from his preference of discovering cause of nature over kingdom of Persia.
P.s. Here at Quaid i Azam University we have our own Bus-wala and Mochi-wala!! Increasing pride in our men or objectifying our men, all in the eyes of the beholder after all! nonetheless deriving glory out of triviality is never a good idea!


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