Saturday, March 1, 2014

Killings aur khatarnak!

let me be very clear of one thing. life is filled with lies and there are a lot of branded sources. and one gets to know about their gravity when put up against those who taught in the first place.

i am about 25 years old and the fact is all this long what i have seen in my life is that, almost all the people are cons in one way or the other, from clerics to parents! yes!
and the biggest con of all is ... YOU! and this one fools you the most, nonstop. mostly i making you feel bad to getting whats actual is your right.
we are living in a fast moving world and changing realities. there are relative truths which are getting busted. religion battling, society fighting and families getting dysfunctional. and then theres land of the pure.
if we have got the worse youth generation running after sodomy then we also have the worst lot of living anointed wise men and women being hypocritical about themselves and worshipping wealth and social image.
fact is there is no churchill, napoleon or saladin in this current time.. there are simply those having no clue of what they are causing and crimes committing.
apart from this, every tom dick and harry is tulli on getting rich and finding pleasure. while on the other side of the fence the world is crumbling down. wisdom has been thrown down into the bin and this country's think tank is rotten with outdated ideas and false concept of framing a future of younger generation.

by now reader, you must be thinking... what the crap has gone wrong? why am i reading this outburst? what is making this lad crazy? ... thing is .. shit has hit the fan!

recently i have came across a few facts and figures. in this land of pure recently there have been around 5000 cases of rights violations against women and about 1700 are cases of honour killing. there are about 900 cases of court marriages of runaways in 2013, three times higher than 2011. and there is a government who is trying to keep its eyes shut and save itself for the last. this is the biggest SOCIAL CRISIS OF OUR TIME!!
parents are at a generation worth of gap with their children, and they have no clue where their religion stands in 21st century on the freedom of girl and boy to practice one's right to choose a life partner. so when the weak of conformity and strong of passion, find no support at home, they take the high road. the parents and society strikes back with making life difficult for the married ones and some even succeed is killing them.
we indeed live in a society where its not allowed to show a love making scene but its perfectly fine to show brutal killing scenes.
fact is the society is not ready to accept that the idea has come, whose time is now. but everyone here seems to be hellbent on denial. well that is to our own loss.
winston said it right, and i would say it rather.. they avoided shame ... now they will have shame and guilt!

p.s. aap dost yaro ka pata nahi par meray khayal mein .. iss mulk kay mustakbil kay liye humaray bharou say zaida khatarnak aur koi cheez nahi hai dunya main.. (not meant for all, certainly there are some good fellows too, cleaning up the shit laden floor, but in silence)

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