Monday, November 7, 2011

Bachelors aur Bakray

Long time me no see…. Exams can make one miss out on many things you know!! :/

Apparently life is a slow progress thats frequently changing its course. Forget about what defines oneself, we used all possible options already. Entertain us while injecting some faith. We are the breed that quite simply lost its way….

In school, when day ended one use to contemplate on those nostalgic evenings. It came as a surprise as to how subsequent events culminate. But hey!! What the heck… image, capability or scene. We are burgers and we know it ;)

Just because we know English and think of ourselves as something…. ofcourse we are not easy going folks. But shit arrives at doorstep for free!!! We lose what we cherish and get in the queue of bakras. Bachelors are a strong dope, makes one see what was never seen and thought of. Realization is a bad omen.

Not only condemned by professors but also pitied my fellow a-holes, life is difficult to understand in Pakistan if you have done alevels. And you end up watching house MD or HIMYM! :P

And somewhere in there in ‘fun’ life… enters… love!! Well its not that simple you know. We not really into so called yet again.. beautiful face… it’s the complicated soul mate thing! Drives one crazy,.. it’s a hopeless pursuit.

Now things are either too obvious or nothing is predictable. Without any doubt we are way more batmeez than our previous generations. The bluntness in our attitude may be attributed to our sense of uncertainty, frustration or …. The reason that just because we can do it!!

Do we value what we earn, that is worthless??! Or do we cherish what we can do with knowledge, which is priceless?!! Our priorities are complex. Ungrateful fools who choose any sort of destruction with no hold bars. So where my bakras at :P

Muzaffarabad aur manzar!

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