Friday, January 13, 2012

NEW YEAR!! aur narray

With the decreasing social circle, and the all time low number of people worth talking to… it is final that a youth has got lost. May be i need to get a job??? wait first i need to finish my degree…. then i need to get a girl friend…. wait!! its too late now… got to settle for a pre nup… something along the lines don’t make me shot myself by the end of the year!!

i definitely was a very intelligent guy before i got into alevels and out of doubt … big fish!! before i got in to university… and for sure sane at the moment before i step into REAL LIFE!! i m totally feeling like retreating back to indulge and start on the infamous glassy hookah :P and reflect on the cheapness of the place and the moment.

since my last trip to lahore it seems as though multan is blessed with one thing least… and that for eternity… BOREDOM. when theres nothing to do you can always turn on the tele and entertain thyself with the craziest and mind boggling info-freakin-out-tainment… for instance some brigadier of triple 1 brigade got promoted and the entire media circle was hell bent on getting a marshal law. and made me wish that humsafar aka ‘hum-suffer’ was being telecast on every channel for once… in these damned times… for there is one thing that can take charge of thepower of telegasm… and that is wives and daughters watching fawad khan in a screwed up plot.

a friend of mine came from jungle back to this saintly town.. reminded me of old school days memories.. one of which was this line…"Pass the ball bro.""PASS THE DAMN BALL YOU FU*KER." "GOGOGOGOGOGOOOOOOAAALL!!" good ol’ football days. now we are just commentators trying to shit each other over champions league and el classico.

at times i do wonder where the self prophesized arrogance and attitude drain down at… how did this youth which was not even concerned with who their prime minister was… came to the point to rage out a revolution in the view of their newly untested political maturity(sarcasm intented)…. airay bhaiya.. yeh kal kay londay jo larkion par linenay martay thay aaj hum say iqtedaar chienay kay narray lagaye gaye… kya baat kartay hai app , kya baat kartay hai (shahbaz sharif istyle :P)

But there or here… new year ’12 … one resolution… plz!! less WTF situations :(

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