Saturday, April 4, 2015

Bride aur baat!

Its about time that I realize that I am almost psychotic. Worse is the fact that I am In a position where the psychiatry consultants, inquire about the anti-psychotic cocktails that are on the menu. One shall not be in a position like this.
This season men buy lawn! With each piece you buy, an obligation is fulfilled, a token is paid, for every billboard that has not only view blocked the sky, but also our minds… with such beauty and class, no complaints… this summer, its going to be hot! –pun intended-
I love to write. But I am a bad writer. A writer who is not read often. 
But she waited! On that night she waited, the night … of her wedding.
Suddenly the ‘dilwalay dulhaniya’ stops … Hans Zimmers’s Jack Sparrow intoxicates the large speakers with its violins… He runs towards the bride, grabs her hand … and they take off from the scene… to happily ever after.. a life they wanted. A pirate’s life.
Two wrongs don’t make a right. Driving bad on the road, and getting in brawl with national thugs, e.g., spoilt man-child of landlord or born with a silver spoon-in-mouth son of a real estate mogul.
We all need something to distract us. If none distraction is to avail, we can be so genius enough, that we just might get hold of some common sense. Lord knows what realms can a human-with-commonsense can oust.  
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