Saturday, April 9, 2016

Pebbles aur Pashtun!

So we are now overgrown children. Still picking petty fights. Running away from taking responsibility for our actions. Not doing the right things.... Well, don't get me wrong. I 'likes' this. The thing is, like many others, I do what really 'feels' good. hum feelings lenay walay log hai...
Let me explain it. If I have 3 research articles to read and there is a Game of Thrones novel on the table. My choice or bad choice, I'll pick GoT anytime! Its better escaping into the land beyond the wall, than the lab beyond-the-facilities-you-could-ever-imagine-to-be-in-your-institute (it's simply too depressing).
Thing is, it's not bad to be an overgrown child either. Because you too have a dream and a potential to achieve it. In this ever changing world, your peers might not understand your 'feeling wala behaviour', what matters is that you do believe in it. See the positives in your society.
So, the other day I was at a traffic signal on Kashmir Highway in Capital. There, I saw this shaven head pashtun child of about 7 years of age, wearing a grey-green shalwar kalmeez, which seemed to be washed a week ago. He was sitting at the corner end of 'the green' divider. And the kid had a few pebbles in his hand that he used for aiming at the traffic signal pool.
To my surprise he was pretty good at it. As he swung his hand from a lower angle and release the pebble, it struck the iron work at 3 meter reach, full toss!
What amazed me more was, down under this sunny day and dry breeze, all by himself, the kid took some 'feeling' out of this game of striking pools with pebbles.
What I just illustrated in almost 5 lines, actually happen in 5 seconds.
As the cars stopped at the signal. The kid dropped those pebbles and grabbed a box of ball-pens, and acted in a very pampered manner, as if he was their relative's child asking them to support his new venture of selling ball-pens. He was motivated and proud, and I was impressed enough to buy a ball-pen!
One of the most essential skill is the ability to sell ideas, in times like these, what's even better is, if those ideas are solutions for the challenges faced by masses. If that is so then, your rebel self will find a lot of passion in surviving this world. And remember to not hate someone for their ambition when its your turn.
P.s. remember when reconstructing your 'improved self' do put up a sign board 'taqleef kay liye mazrat-khuwa hai!' for all those who would not understand your 'feeling wala attitude'

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