Saturday, February 14, 2015

Destiny aur darakth!

We are a part of unique mix of surrealism. Metropolitan city is a bittersweet love. It offers you a belief, a dream and an opportunity. Yet it takes away your breath after a roller coaster ride at the end of each day. Suddenly you find yourself alien to every last bit of inspiration, like a self-actualized rat on a mill run… and tired to the bones. This is the time when metaphors are lived, and sadly the ones we dread the most.
We are the melting of ice into its own water. Wait…. Evaporation is coming next! But my friend, when you lose everything in your life, you are free from everything, like the solid ice that is bound to the land and when it loses its bonds… its flies off to the sky in shape of vapors… in a way defying gravity. That probably is the true destiny, as you know what they say… sky is the limit, they are not wrong!
Khudi ko kar buland itna, kay khuda banday say khud pouchay

Tu charr to gaya hai darakth pay, bataa ab utray ga kaisay neechay!
So my friend, love sucks, everybody lies… and HOUSE ROCKS!! And life is filled with catch-22s.
Jokes aside… You are technically stuck in a stress-test that you just cannot opt out of. Unless you don’t take stress…if you can accept every challenge that comes your way, understand that there are things you don’t have control over and that you have do what is right, then, you might find, yourself! at some corner in your life.
Learn from yourself, it might lead you to the pattern of your fragments and also from others, as we are one big clan of human race with same built similarities.
Ever wondered that a rich man will have his luggage picked up at a five star hotel and 2 hours later, will be picking weights in the gym. Why we are ever-ready to put our impulsive, inelegant utterances, which in retrospect were kept safe, posted out for public interpretation. You would see such oddities here and there, and they sadly they are neither unnoticed for brute denial. Are we not on a course-collision with self contradictory behaviours at default???
The point being, until we improvise on the world that is around us, we will have least or none, whatsoever force to change the circumstances that arise or nay I say, how they arise…. Just as the arrhythmic heartbeat of ours.
As for the valentines, try to sacrifice before you love. One cannot thief away love without giving up something. Though, one thing that is true is, love birds are the most selfish creatures in the world… a world where only they exist. CATCH – 22… don’t know, why can’t we hear what we don’t understand.
p.s. to the struggling peers of today… a food for thought…. bahi agar zindagi mein‘taraki’ sirf aram, saqoon, or aman mein rehanay ka naam hai, tou kabhi chirya-ghar kay aur jungle kay janwaro ka souchna ….  

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