Monday, July 1, 2013

Degree aur Darbari

anchoring at the shore of degreehood is like having a life-long lesson of revelations that all the perceptions were false and all the norms preached were fraud. first of all.. degree gives you no garantees and infact expecting garantees is like going against its spirit in the first place. mostly in that case you will seriously be looking into the face of uncertainty for certain.
the best/worst part of undergrad is that it has all the elements of making one a 'tailor-stretched' employee, ready 24/7 to put up with anything. You get to say a flattery when you dont mean it and get betrayed my fellows in midst of their schemes and be alright with it, to some numb extent.
and as they say be careful for what you wish for because you just might get it. reality of this life is that exams teach us that taking any measures to satisfying your needs is the way to do it.... easing the way to corruption endurance for the future or play your part.
but does getting knowledge helps when you when you have been addicted to the thrills of excitement and adrenaline... well the answer is NO because technically that is boring. mind you, a student never likes to be bored but only entertained.
what a mismatch? sad indeed.
now talking of the schemes of your fellows i mentioned earlier. apart from blabbing, its the moment which reminds one to be shrewd and sharp at every step. one must not fall for a trap of being brought down my more-so-mortals or be played for their gains, unless if its your teacher... then its for the sake of knowledge and higher truth or whatever.
there are often two reasons for searching divine guidance.. firstly, grave academic rattle snake pit situation or secondly ... LOVE. but that is an everyday routine. you never know which comes first or hits together. 
i personally saw both sides of the fences with places which offer a hefty breakfast of channay roti for 35 rupees and places that charge over 600 rupees for a burger. well you see the prioities you might have to make in the time to come.
but WITHOUT the fun part being laid to rest! Alas! this post wont be complete. undergrad is the last and the most near-identical station that comes before careful town of people who dont blow their parents money like the dirt on their hands. so all that we get to do is like the buffet of things one can do before that.
hey but let bygones be bygones... the petrol is feels like well away to land of 150 in years from now.. near my paychecks and the tax on the easyloads!! life to comes with all lot more issues right!
'and there are people who forget what it's like to be 16 when they turn 17. i know these will all be stories someday. and our pictures will become old photographs. we'll all become somebody's mom or dad. but right now these moments are not stories.' *plagiarized lines of wisdom* (an act we often come across as students)
P.S. iss degree ko lou aur darbari scene kay liye ready ho lo kiun apni nahi chalni boss... if you YOU find yourself and your niche.. you know what i mean :D

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