Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy aur hum?!

Remember the time when we were 4 year old kids and our parents (or their PARENTS), took us to school. It was like being born again, we gave the same fear driven cry that was like the one at our birth. The thud right in the heart, as if you have experience death of you existence. As if, you have been robbed off from safeguards of your ‘Forte Mother’, and sent into a battle field without any armour! This feeling! Heads as worries and tails ultimately to happiness. Fews days into the battle, and it becomes your homeland and your battle scars become pride that you can brag about for the rest of your life with a bittersweet sensation upon each reminiscence.
Now you have fought the bullies and the scary teachers, you had the bruises but you survived!
High school, college, university…. Been there, done that!
The bad grades, the boring lecture, the bragging class fellow… Been there, done that!
The crushes, the envy, the heart break…. Been there, done that!
Year 24! Level 6! FINISHED!
Do you know, that to prepare an English willow bat for matches, its first stroked with a hard ball hammer at each centimeter of its existence, to prepare it for a game. 1000 strokes and if it does not break… its ready for a hard ball game!
My dear same is the case with us university soon-to-be-graduates. You have been hammered and you know the feel. But now consider yourselves as READY for another rebirth!
The ‘Forte Education’ is going t throw you into the battlefield with a scary people, bad grades and crowned heart aches! But no manual, as always…
The pain of yet another death of existence is massive, the prospects of glory from surviving the next level are extensive…. But our judgment has manage to cloud itself with the help of our fears.
 Let go of those fears that have been picked up by you over the years. These complex combinations of comparative relating-ness is a weightless balloon. You survived because you had something that worked for you. YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHING THAT WILL WORK FOR YOU! Uncloud your judgment and look for it!
As a pharmacist I know for a fact that nature has always provided you with cures of its ills… there is always a cinchona bark for every malaria parasite!
The constant in your life is suppose to be happiness and the general formula for it is sacrifice, compassion and embracement. For death, when it is to come, it is to come! Your fight is to fight with a smile on your face!
Smile Away! The world is .. indeed… YOURS!
P.s. Next time you say… Happy aur hum??!! Follow it with an “OH! YES!!!”
see you on the flipside:)
P.p.s. this was a customized rant-deficient post! to those who felt offend! Bhai hai na! wait for the next post! choon choon kar rant marray ga! ;)

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