Monday, May 20, 2013

Ball aur Bablo

11 May aka the judge’s day out with election commission, which had millions of young women and men trying to determine the direction of PTI in domestic policies to ensure their family’s rich survival and years as burgers. Either Imran Khan or Nawaz Sharif, whoever wins the much anticipated friendly match for the given day till this government remains.
With average age of marriage for men rising to 29 – making a more desperate edition of the lovelorns  and women to 23 – making a more desperate edition of not-so-impressed. One of the major factors contributing to this, including greater pressure for keeping up with your mother’s wish and near completion of degree in Zalalaat(Hons).
Now over 20 million of reckless are torchbearers to strengthen the institution of marriage and foremost, family…. aur bablo! Government that forms this summer has to envision this snow ball that’s going to come on, along with bablo(s)!
The first six points that a sincere-to-youth government has to look at are these:
1.      Income
There is nothing more important for a young aspiring couple than a stable source of income. Now government should either create 10 million jobs in next 2 to 3 years or facilitate small businesses improvised by these young men and women that can not only empower them but also strengthen economy and create further jobs. Because paisay ho gaye to bablo is gonna land on earth ji! waisay to bablo bagair paisay kay bhi aah jata hai, par uss say masla bara hota hai!
2.       Health
Facilities in hospital should be improved on emergency bases. The latest diagnostic technology should be ensured in every hospital that should be provide free of cost diagnostic tests. Quality child birth facility should be ensured in every government hospital to not only save the life of the child but also the mother. Warna bablo ki aaj ki sehat ka kal qoum ki sehat par bora asar paray ga!
3.       Education for Children
Major Concern for any young couple is education of their children. Education, as we all know, is very expensive even at the level of toddlers. This is a financial pressure that is not justified for a family that is trying to hold its ground in the starting. So, free and quality education in government schools should not only be ensured with highest possible education budget but steps should also be taken to have one system of education placed in entire country to eliminate the current existing classes of education(rich to poor). Because bablo private schoolou mein iss blog kay writer ki tarha kharab ho jaye ga!
4.       Brainstorming
Like America, Pakistan should not have an ‘slightly spoiled American Dream’, where the young is focusing on the luxurious life. We are not a developed country and excessive expenditure on luxury items is simply going to add burden to list of bills. Nation building should involve brainstorming of the sort in which a simple and articulate life style is promoted. This will not only give raise to a happy family but a happier community. Because bablo is not to be brought up like a Barbie but like a dexterous brainiac!
5.       Food
Pakistan is an agricultural economy but nonetheless here is where the government should implement lower taxation as well. The lowering of food prices is necessary for developing a healthier generation. Malnutrition is a key challenge, and this should be dealt on priority basis. Protein food should get maximum subsidies. Kiun kay bablo khaaye ga nahi tou bara kaisay hoga!?!!
6.       Shelter
Real estate is forecasted to boom in this country. But the rising prices are only going to add up as a pain for millions dreaming to attain a cover for ones’ own family. Now either government could repeat the affordable flat scheme that was once launched in 90s in Islamabad or control the cost of real estate. Government should work on rent control and facilitating lower and middle income housing, before its too late! Par iss ka bablo say koi tahloq nahi!!
At the end let me remind my government of section 35 of the constitution of Pakistan – ‘the state shall protect the marriage, the family, the mother and the child.’


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