Thursday, July 14, 2016

Honeymoon Aur Huma Mobin!

The girl who took internet by storm for turning a prospective tragedy into epic troll saga! Inspiring na!
Ok heres the thing. We all have come to know of this young married feisty girl from Karachi who has become an internet sensation overnight, coverage hailing from BBC to 9GAG, by which I mean she’s like all over the internet! Self caught in the acts of remorse over going on her honeymoon to Greece… ALONE!! This girl puts up the most romantic outcast showcase of her protest for her husband’s visa rejection. The feedback has come from all over the world… Starting from her character questions (mostly subcontinent), the ethical angle of caving into the husbandless honeymoon(again subcontinent), the ridiculity of going on such trip with her in-laws(mostly gora (Western/Europeans) people)?
Now, the girl, Huma Mobin, did come out in her explanation. What started as the Facebook share of a butch of holiday pics, turned into grilling-fest of horrendous remarks and alleges, post fame and highlight. Not to mention the memes. Huma nay to aag hum sab ko aag laga di hai! (Huma has set us all on fire!) 
In this process she made herself clear of few things:

1.    Its not her first honeymoon
First thing first, she had spent her first honeymoon with her husband, in Maldives and Dubai. So, don’t go all ‘HAWWW HAAYEEEE’('Oh my')-remark to something seen as scandalous- on her, as if she bailed on him, over very first sacred adventure. She bares no such blasphemous actions.
2.    She had planned a family package tour to Greece
Here we have an In-Laws loving eastern girl, a rare breed in herself, who takes her loved ones on the second honeymoon/travel adventure. This shows her enthusiasm and compassion, for traveling and her fellow travelers. So she did have chaperones, while complying with the eastern values, you know!
3.    There was an awful lot of CASH spent
And don’t we all know how much money goes into buying these tour packages to Europe. One must be crazy rich to give it up for nothing on a whim. So when you have grand amount of Quaids banking on a trip, it's a bad omen to let them down. YOU GO GIRL!!
4.    She had not anticipated her husband’s visa rejection
Then, comes the case of Mal-intent, well, she did not anticipate a rejection of visa, specifically not her husband's. Ironically the only doubts she had was hers, as she was ‘less traveled’.
5.    The Greek embassy’s lack of communication
The reason of visa rejection, being quoted, was the failure of Greek embassy to be able to contact the referrals submitted in visa application. So, all in all, it was a tragedy that needed a saving with a sweet ending. And don't we all relate to the pain of visa rejection, people. Show some unity here!
6.    Ja simran jee lay apni zindagi (Go on Simran live your life)
And while everyone on the internet who come from an oppressed place and bares an oppressed soul, blames her for leaving her husband in all this mayhem… well, it was him, her husband, who rise up to the occasion and said ‘Ja simran jeelay apni zindagi’ (Go on Simran live your life)-movie reference for freedom of girl in love- and thus, raised the bar for nice men in this country where misogyny is a well accepted norm.

So to be honest, in my sixteen years of internet, I have not seen such good publicity in my life time, in terms of whats trending globally related to Pakistan and not to forget, the much need depiction of the humans that live in this country. Although I have no right to say something positive about Huma, according to the current wave of internet brutality norms (pun intended) but here you go …. I am Proud of you Huma Mobin and, wish you and your husband, all the best for your future traveling adventures, may your visas never get rejected. Amen. 
P.s. and remember.. jalnay walay ka mou kala! (one who gets jealous has oneself disgraced)

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