Thursday, March 29, 2012

Goals aur Gamay

this is the untold story of the lost arch of the season. Rather it is the scene that should have had not happened in the changing room of old trafford stadium.
Fergie: how many of you have had experienced being in love. (everyone stared) seriously@ didnt anyone of you got it from the bitch (there was a look of approval on every face)
see there is this girl that you so want to have in your life and you so are fond of her that you spoiled brats even respect her for the matter that you go on to commit.
now you are the one of the most handsome prolific stud brigade in manchester, arent you lads!!! the girls keep coming on to you with that game you have, right lads! (smirks all over)
but many of you have got girlfriends even married(looking at wayne rooney) but for some reason its not enough!
but you have got to keep the woman of the house protected at the same time.
heres the story lads... those two goal posts you see at each end of the ground are like women.
you have to take care of them. one that is at home.... the bros on defense help eachother to keep out the jerks off the lady.
while with your wing men you go out there on the other end towards the striking beauty to score some goals. (giggs giggles) cuz that helps you build confidence over your swagger.
now thats what you are going to do when you lads go out there. keep safe your goal from the street junkies and have fun scoring goals at the free end of the pitch (chantings)

well this pep talk was of no use as the opposition went off to scoring 6 times and were the very own city junkies of manchester!
p.s. point to be noted... never ever imagine your goal post as chicks or women because they come and go... so better be like a gamay pehialwan to safe goals in dabangg istaiyl!!  and score!  instead of acting like, some insecure bunch of lads!

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