Monday, December 26, 2011

Driving aur dramay

Normally the moment you get your hands on the wheel its more like feeling the rush to go full throttle. Not really myccase. I just didn’t want the engine to get shut down once i turn it on. It’s a challenge. Cars are good, but bars are not. Unlike a glowing car, if its not with the right number, its traffic warden magnet. Not a royal moment.
I remember a pharma industrialist claim his old convertible as his second wife. I cant even think of going on that route. But yeah!! Along with petrol… it just burns me.
But once you get this thing going, you just wanna be the next lewis hamilton with (if possible.. somewhere in heaven) nicole scherzinger. i wish that every road could be of motorway standard and had the traffic of the darkest hour of night. But that’s that and it aint gonna be like that. You got to save the drivers of your league, as well as the raeriwala, ghadaGHariwala, and the bus wala (this one you need to stay safe from).
Most important part of your drive is music… and AMPLIFIER by imran khan(the singer) is the song!! As cheap as you can get.. full pumpy song. By the way, the kind, now and then from across the border will do as well.
That’s all for the driving part… now is gonna be observe and split. Been reading manto sahibs essays on the stars of old bollywood… he sure has his way… manto sahib when Johnny walker ki black label na melay to lipton ki yellow label say hi guzara karlay tay., i do wonder though if manto had known veena ‘the legend’ malik … what would he have to say about her. But anyway … manto was a class act.
As for the politics… well things are ‘established’ now… as we can see the ones following the truck lights are being overtaken by the rest!! One has got to admire the amount of heart imran khan has shown while accepting so many of lost canons .. hats off captain!
As for daily routine… procrastination is the word! and ofcourse driving aur dramay

Monday, November 7, 2011

Bachelors aur Bakray

Long time me no see…. Exams can make one miss out on many things you know!! :/

Apparently life is a slow progress thats frequently changing its course. Forget about what defines oneself, we used all possible options already. Entertain us while injecting some faith. We are the breed that quite simply lost its way….

In school, when day ended one use to contemplate on those nostalgic evenings. It came as a surprise as to how subsequent events culminate. But hey!! What the heck… image, capability or scene. We are burgers and we know it ;)

Just because we know English and think of ourselves as something…. ofcourse we are not easy going folks. But shit arrives at doorstep for free!!! We lose what we cherish and get in the queue of bakras. Bachelors are a strong dope, makes one see what was never seen and thought of. Realization is a bad omen.

Not only condemned by professors but also pitied my fellow a-holes, life is difficult to understand in Pakistan if you have done alevels. And you end up watching house MD or HIMYM! :P

And somewhere in there in ‘fun’ life… enters… love!! Well its not that simple you know. We not really into so called yet again.. beautiful face… it’s the complicated soul mate thing! Drives one crazy,.. it’s a hopeless pursuit.

Now things are either too obvious or nothing is predictable. Without any doubt we are way more batmeez than our previous generations. The bluntness in our attitude may be attributed to our sense of uncertainty, frustration or …. The reason that just because we can do it!!

Do we value what we earn, that is worthless??! Or do we cherish what we can do with knowledge, which is priceless?!! Our priorities are complex. Ungrateful fools who choose any sort of destruction with no hold bars. So where my bakras at :P

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pottermania aur pholjhariya!

This blog account is as much of a fiction as harry potter itself is

an entire era of book writing and film making, as well as an event of a life time has came to its end on july 15, apart from the fact that the writer still clings on to pottermore! such a loser i suppose :P
just joking.. i remember from the start that it was the late 90s almost in class 5 i suppose, when i was handed a copy of harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban. i did read a few pages, 5 or 6 of the initial chapter, but you see for a child whos a fan of famous five and Enid Blyton's works can feel bored and left out of the story, least in such case. for the next 2 years my recollection of the read was an armoured horseman in a portrait.
Not till class 7, when for the first time i saw this bespectical ward on the cover of smash, that i felt intrigued about this potential mania. but it was more of a read in terms of academics that we have to go through first and which was just like aunt petunia knuckles your staircase cupboard and then... after a few days you get to read a letter from hogwarts inviting you to get rid from the mess you live in!
there was some thing special about this potter series, something that took the entire world on fire , not to mention that reading habit that it inflicted over the entire generation of kids... with the art of reading and. mind you one thing over seriousness of the fact that for those who share english as second language, you dont find reading english novels to be either wonderful and amusing , its simply turns out to be torturous and painstaking time. but this was a law defied b Rowling’s harry potter series. you see there might have been more interesting reads at that time too but there was new a generalized audience who needed it, in the wake of peter pan movies and Tolkien’s books. some one who could build a bridge between the two. It was kind of led zeppelin of our time. looked dark and sounded British.
but there sure are those who live, those of you who feel ridiculed by the fantasy world of harry potter, yes ofcourse how can i forget you. well, i guess you least dont hate harry potter series as much as i despise the twilight saga!
Harry potter's secret to success might have been a mystery but what it promised to do to you, it did! bewitch the mind, ensure the senses, bottle fame, brew glory and put a stopper on death(imagination dead). and those who possessed the certain predisposition to accept this, enjoyed the treat.
i m among those who did actually grew old with harry potter himself and fell for hermine granger rather than cho chang or ginny weasly! emma watson just simply was the best in looks, such an irony that she wasnt ginny. Well if wasn’t for harry and ron in the first place she wouldn’t be spoiled enough to attract any attention. Hats off to you two lads!! still inspite of how much i was fond of emma watson but she was still a ratto toutta :P (you bet, the best i have seen yet!)

As I go further I must emphasize that only the novels themselves did not limited the joy of this entire mania behind the series, the journey along with it was. Rowling was by far good on keeping it as much of a fiction as much it could be made up for reality. While writing about magic, you don’t what to sound nuts to magicians, do you?!?! Finding latin words for spells, historical dark figures in literature and a revitalized attittue of witches and wizards towards magic itself was a suplendid brainchild for it. But yeah one is right as said – when you read all sorts of literature and a lot of it, you might just write one heck of it yourself.

The pottermania is a strange thing it can do strange things to you, the passion is good but the fashion in which it comes out it a little weird. Being a a part of harry potter fan club is not really that different from any other fan club, once you tend to be a part of it, with the least contribution you act as if you own it. Lets take for instance, the views on actors for movies, well for starters the cast for the socerer’s stone was fine. That can be because no one ever thought of the movie in first place. Personally I think the chris Columbus did some real decent job with it, apart from the fact that it was too childish! And by the time the movie released so did the fourth book. Best of the darn lot at that thing and one of my favourite from the series.

But I did not read the book till I actually saw the movie.. actually not till I had a read till book four. While the first 3 movies came, on the box office harry potter was a weak rival to the lord of the rings trilogy. And I agree were not much of high times for us fans. The magic indeed was kept alive by the fifth installment. Well I would talk of it later as I go forth. Let’s talk of the second movie, harry potter and the chamber of secrets. The second one was a fresher version. By far as I already mentioned earlier, better then the previous additions. But the question was… why was that so.. for starters it was dark.. scandalously we had a house elf who looked like a Russian president, a self obsessed teacher, as most of them are, in face of Kenneth Branagh! Very much relevant to the book and less childish then the first one… and most of all more mischievous as well. But sadly this was the last film of Richard Harris RIP, many of us till this day consider him as the only Dumbledore who should have been. Well now the era of speculation starts, who was to be the next Dumbledore, there were choices along the lines of Ian Mckellen! Christopher Lee, Peter O’Toole etc.. I would have loved to see Peter O’toole as the next Dumbledore but that was not to be, I guess it was due to his filming of Homer’s Troy. Well out of blue moon came Micheal Gambon, never really fancied him as Dumbledore but a good actor indeed. As a matter of fact all of this BBC star-cast in harry potter movies was filled with good-great actors.

In the start of the third film, due to some reason chris Columbus sort of dropped out of directing seat. The movie got a two season delay. Some fans ridiculously wanted peter Jackson to direct it. I had my figure crossed. Alfonso was a disappointed initially but now after the end of the series I don’t blame him much. I did at that time laughed at the promotional poster of ‘wizards at work!’. The film was not much to talk about. A major character was introduced, Sirius Black, not Rebecca Black’s father!!, well to be true after watching pirates of the caribbean I wanted Johnny depp to do it, but nonetheless gary oldman is true class as well! A big reason for the harry potter and prisoner of Azkaban movie to fail was the precedent that got set by the third of the LOTR installment.

The fourth movie got a massive delay, the fifth book was due to out and all sorts of predictions were in the air. I actually bought a book that talked of these theories as well ‘the magical world of harry potter’. It was mad, mad time. I even read the first book! And as I said earlier these were the kindda worst times for potter fans too.

The book came and it did not lived up to expectations. It was lengthy, full of events but still disjointed in some way. One Rowling vs Millions of fans. She by that time had her own website too and you could already see sites like mugglenet , snitch .com with darn lot of information on internet. damn were they good. But that was not much to talk about after some time cause fourth film was around the corner.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was indeed better the last. We have a Cedric who later got ruined as Edward Cullen! :@ it would have been so better if he could have been cast as Dr. Who, who ironically was the part of this cast as Barty Jr. But reader remember this by now as Potter fans had already stopped comparing HP movies to LOTR trilogy, the movie was a pass. I myself kindda lost the interest after the order of phoenix was out.

Then it was the time for the half blood prince. Not it anyones wildest dreams did one thought it would be snape! But this book was a real comeback. Somehow out of ashes the phoenix was borned, Rowlings killing spree was a thriller. I suppose that anyone would have hardly been more bothered about the fifth movie. And as I was in my alevels too… there wasn’t any reason for me to be. All eyes were now on the seventh and final book.. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The same 2005 climax was a mere spark that failed to ignite the wild fire… but I suppose that at this time we had a new younger generation drown in the mania who did lifted the scene. Even Pakistan’s national television reported its news!!!

Well again if you give heart and mind to an event you expect it to live it up your expectations, sadly it did not. But there was a hoax edition with a vulgar view which save the fall from grace…. It was just too saddo! But anyway this book turned out to film to much of literal accuracy. Did got delayed for 7 months or so and took an outrage. But this division of the movie in two parts wasn’t that bad afterall. First of that installment reminded me of the second movie and I did liked the way that these people have actually made severus part it the last installment. Though I guess I as a fan I have become too jetlagged to appreciate the moment. But as for the actor… Alan Rickman is ‘the’ best.

In the end on 15 July 2011 while I watch this final installment of harry potter movies was I aware that this was shadow of that rare providence that would leave a mark on the entire decade of my life. Not then
now that the act has been performed on stage the curtains are about to come, and the fireworks seem far from over.

p.s. those of you wondering on whether I really wrote this one!! Well what can I say on such emotional moment of life I was low on rants!! :P

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