Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Capital aur Kehfeeyat

The capital and its capital taxes!
Well the city and its inhabitants and forsaken rulers have willfully transformed the status of the city to ROME!
The difference between the indigenous of city of saints and the inhabitants of the new Rome is that these inhabitants would still wave for a car lift unlike the shy and forcefully decent/respectful multanites!
Every Roman thinks the Rome belongs to his dad. You get to see that when a society-average humiliates a banker and claims to know his paycheck!
If rome could have taxed itself, I would not have the need to do it to the entire kingdom!
These are like the few statements/rants I felt liberating off myself. It started with witnessing lavish lifestyle of anchors riding on cherry red Mercedes to slightly arrogant celebrities eating at MacDonald’s, while the posh kids were just driving the BMWs. And most of all, the curious case of PTI votes, vehemently discussed among my peers.
Well when everything was of the taste of driest morning bread stuck annoyingly to your gum, with addition flavour of - no electricity running the fan to least throw down a wave of … even hot air! …. - you wonder that complaining of your country’s downward spiral is so widely accepted and embraced, our cricketers take it a one swing further down-the-ground. Something they capaciously manage not to do in the game.
Well what could I do next but escape to a foreign retreat to football and Manchester United. Oh! Crap! Fergie just left! ……..
WHY?!!!!!! O.o
Is there any good news revolving anywhere. Noise, Noise, Noise. Kim Kadashian just had a baby with Kanye West. Noise, Noise, Noise.
Ahem. Well I suppose the world is best at what is does. Making itself more complex, worthless to be understood in depth.
Its summer and if the life has given you lemons this season. Its AWESOME!! Go make some lemonade.
Kiun kay bahi shareef tax bari ajab kehfeeyat hai ji! Kahi yeh aap kay lemons par hi na lag jaye first july say!
P.S. get it while its still free… oxygen, ignorance, uth wali sim etc :P

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