Sunday, August 30, 2015

Decade aur dunya

this is not any other day. its the end of 27 years of my life. and i dont really feel like celebrating it at an elite hangout place with a gorgeous looking girl, who could easy stimulate infatuation in ones blood pumper. today i am going to write what i have got from spending blood, sweat and pain, in those years opportunity, struggle and betrayal.
i believe that money is not important until its unavailability becomes a hurdle, love is not important if you learn to be objective and power is no use if one holds no knowledge to handle it. religion serves to ones own convenience and superstitions are simply your aunt's business.
i have been in atleast one near-death experience, did recognized the boredom quotient of my life. i have been dragged to limits of my emotional capacity and to the limits of my physical capacity. And there is no greater enemy of human being then one's own amine messengers.
the great tragedy in this part of the 3rd world is that parents are over-possessive, and government along with them does not believe on spending money on education of their children. for them its a waste. children, meanwhile are consumed in using anything but their brains and whine about their helplessness.  
much of this nation's collective behaviour is attributable to the rigorous decade post-millennium drenched in insecurity, lawlessness and economic turbulence, unfortunately, while surviving it we have become more harsh and less grateful. we badly need life. and it is highly unlikely we will have it.
to grow as a person, the person requires a longer attention span and hold on to 'nothing happens to me' mindset. believe me, nothing would make you better than you higher expectations shaken by your close-ones because getting kicked out of comfort zone is the real learning.
about black and white, and the shades of grey. truth is relative to circumstances, life is proportional to disbelief, and with all fundamentals clueless, theres unbelief and nihilism, then comes reality, whatever you may come to think of it...
if i say you can not be happy, you would not be surprised, thats nothing new. if i claim you 'can' be happy with your life, that my friend, is the news. my thoughts, precisely, what do you think, what grabs your attention. well whatever does, defines you! its that result of the test which can help you to know yourself. and in case you still think that i would tell the key to happiness... wait.. look around yourself.. you will see more poker-faces than happy ones... what does that tell you! Exactly!!
P.s. when fate hands us a lemon... lets try making some lemonade..
P.s.s. iss dunya mein insaan hee fitna aur farista hai, faraq sirf itna hai.. kay kis kay liye kiya hai...(in this world only human is the devil and the saviour, difference being, for whom one's who)

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