Saturday, July 4, 2015

Humourlessness aur Himaat!

Writing is writing, you write and write. Least, is the amount of readership, that fades away like the people from the past. Par iss mein mera kaya kasoor hai! you know what, there was a time in my life when i was trying to be a, a slightly more, recognized writer. Par bhai ko koi publish hi nahi karta hai. I am like the guy who makes tea at the dhaaba and the crowds run off to coffee cafes... par ab dhaabay pay koun coffee piye ga, aur cafe kiun dhaabay walay say coffee banwaye gaye... its that simple.
I am not true liberal nor true conservative, least not at the current moment. Been there, and i have seen stuff! I am the guy you avoid listening to, when politics is discussed! I really sell coffee with pakoray.. its bad choice and i hold on to it! This is coming from someone who knows a little too much about addiction with mediocrity, although I have the utmost respect for people who make it big with there work. 
I am currently suffering from an acute case of humourlessness, so forgive me for the sugar-less coffee and spice-less pakoray.

We hate to feel threatened but we love thrillers. In pursuit of happiness, a soul has to collide with the harsh wave of obstacles in the way of our destiny. The handiest skill is to let go of the most loved elements of your life. If you survive still then maybe you are doing well.
Rattled by our fears on the constant basis is like facing the same dreaded fast bowler every time you go to open the innings. Now unless you learn to pull through and hit him for a few shots, you are not going to make it. You have to rise above the challenge, lose your fear… and show the f**ker, the door. That’s how we grow, that’s how we survive.
This world that we live in, the country whose citizen we are, the clans we are born in and the social circles we go by, they all have rules, strict laws .. orders that are not to be broken. But above all is the fact, you can do anything you like unless or until you get caught. This is the loophole, this is your risk factor. A chance you ‘need’ to take or you have to choose the life of a moral police.
So go out there and be risqué  ;)

P.s. aaj itni hi himaat thi likhanay ki… baraa hi koi risk liya hai... apna tou saans phool gaya hai.. –ironic life- -life is comedy of errors-

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