Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Roles aur Rollay!

Fear is now a commodity! Don’t you fear anything boy or you’ll fall for another fear sitting next to it as well. Whether its Tom Hanks addressing Yale students or Rowling addresses an ocean at Harvard, all they talk of, is fear. But if its Friday 13th! Then put your head phones on and listen to Rebecca Black. Or rather as much of a fact Friday is to be sung, you can give back to the community by singing Rebecca’s name… as long as it turns out to be a tongue twister with a Russian accent and end you on verbal mangling rebazza (it sounds like ray-bazz-aah!)

But that’s Rebecca with her American dream and I am here with a Pakistani scream of being ridiculed. Pakistan is down to struggle against every bus’or’ama. I recently read a blog of SMQ’s former moreed and current brother of BLP head. He had a lot of things to say for starters but somewhere in the middle there were these golden words which I read this way ‘goddamnit!! educate your people’. ‘Yes mr. ex foreign minister’. ‘We even need to be well read to be able to understand how screwed are we!.. and I agree every Pakistani should be literate!! Literate enough to read and ‘understand’ Dickens!! In that way we will be more productive than being a BA pass graduate sitting in national assembly. (but that’s only one of the ways.. if you are not a patronized brat then you are already 100 miles ahead of them in this non-existent race to sanity).

But have you ever wondered why these MNAs are always there and Imran Khan(often interpret as ‘we the people’) is not! Now either public are too humble to vote them or either they are too ‘kamee’ to sit on the seats of apparent ‘total control!’ aka the hottest seats in the country. But of course you would have thought of all this and other things one these lines. I am sure you have some heck of a account to talk on! And the aura of this baryani which you have cooked already, would be controversy, controversy, controversy…. What can I say it comes damn too easily and naturally! Its in our genes and can easily be tracked down in good humour in the sufi kalams too! Pakistani is where troubles in the ocean are and being a sailor every Pakistani’s destiny is to get drown, not droned! And that my friend, is a passion-less glory. The same kind of glory when you get to drown another bunch of your brother pirates along with you.

But talking of the ‘men business’ is all boring. Lets talk of what men and women fancy to talk about. ‘women’. Well to be true this week’s detour at MM Alam road reminded me a lot of things about ‘women business’. And when I say it I strictly mean to stick on to those new breads whom I define( although they don’t like to be defined but wth!) as ones claiming to be treated badly by idiot of men, adorers of right fighting, glory seat space asking. daddy’s girls who somehow manage to get their 7 year old voice to make papa pay for their body shop accessories. Now these ‘girls’ who have opened their eyes in 90s or something find this world too harsh for ‘their gender’, (of which I think is to think of it is equally being something along the lines of being racist) but cannot be thankful for that freedom to talk of… equally with men of no power. But I love the irony on the fact that these little daddy’s girls cannot bring up an ounce of respect in words for those of their gender who have been there and done that!

But that is just a minority cult of our generation. Who cares!

But to talk of real women the kind of girls you don’t see any! in the city of saints that’s is so hell bend on destroying its female population (hats off to intelligent qureshi!! Our local hank moody :P). Either you go to coffee tea and co or Gloria Jeans and then crash in at Hardee's,(btw if are a non lohari and want some good place to handout then check in at Gunsmoke) these are the kind to young fresh and confident faces that you wish to see all over in the country alongside men who are not acquainted with their beauté and enter in a café just to have a close peek after 30 minutes of peeping. Thing is objectivity goes both ways. A short pants wearing man with a fair complexion like ali zafar is equally objectified as any. Defying reality would seem glorious but it aint practical, its just political. In a capitalistic world of advertisers you don’t get a chance to hold on to your feminist views for greater good. Its simply selfish.

The world that we face is writing down laws on for either family or system. Not family system! So get a more aligned role for yourself.

Muzaffarabad aur manzar!

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