Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lahore aur lamehhdood!

Humour, sir, comes natural to lahoris…. So does rudeness, sheer lack of regard and respect. Now there is a fundamental aspect to their invisible motive. That, sir, is their tendency to keep, what is known as, ‘the upper hand’.
For instance, you are standing in queue with a trolley at a grocery store. An uncle, an actual uncle, twice your age! Comes and tries to invade the line, right before the counter. Apparently they were two counters at the place. One for those with a trolley and those without a trolley. Anyway! The uncle with absolute no bearing of the blunt violation of the queue making rules, gets aback by heys of the standing! But you my friend get the brunt! The uncle stands there criticizing you for not having enough items in your trolley, in other words stating you as undeserving of the queue! You will come to admire the courage of this uncle! Almost brings a smile on you!
Then there are the traffic wardens… the rant-some tall standing men who if not writing off a challan, have the ability to shred your self-esteem to bits and pieces. So if ever you get stopped by one, hope you are left with any! Although the traffic here is rude, as much as it can be! The nature of rudeness may defer from road to road(and there are A LOT of roads). This is the motherland of the Pakistani traffic safety phrase, ‘you safe yourself in traffic, from the traffic’.
Lahore, the city of roads, bridges, and conservative vote bank! has its variety of food outlets, and is most suitably the heaven of any foodie. The clothing lines have multiple shops all over the city, you can find the clothes but finding the tailor is the key. Or on the other hand, if you buy prêt or ready-made, well, it can cost is all sort of colourful currency. Unlike the capital, the city has not outlawed its bachelors and can find a place to live, at some ease but remember that the city has it undocumented taxed high rent! So your roti, kapra and makaan…. Only for, if you have, lamehhdood(limitless) money in the pocket!
My, sir, if you want to ask that being in this city has changed my views on the burden of philosophical side of my existence. Well, the city is demanding and there is a reason to believe that an explicit version of shrewdness is required over here to survive. Although, they may not agree with you but at the end of the day, the city has a magnanimous strength to absorb people from different backgrounds, beliefs and regions.. So, the answer, sir, is no!
My fear, although, is its ability to appoint a ‘better half’. Be that as it may, but I have decided to oppose it. Atleast until, a time comes when the courage of men fails. Thus,  till the time comes…. A man most do, what a man must do. That is to work on the professional progress, personal growth, future plans and resolution of major challenges etc etc. when practically the joy of life is sucked out of life and you are finally a machine!! I miss the life of young and stupid ideas!
p.s. Laahor ch theko wasaib baow yaad tisi.. par figar nat! dushmana ku bhaa lag waisi! :P


  1. nice article bit spicy and informative as well wasy adeel bhai ab b kafi bary philosopher bn gy hain kasy????????????????
    "Pyar zindagi mein aik baar hotay hai"
    ya itni dukhi statments qqqqqqqqq?
    from Sami..

    you should give few examples like us... i must say that you have inspired by our married life and then wrote this article hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    "Pyar zindagi mein aik baar hotay hai" han bahi bari deep thoughts hain aab ki ya to aane wala waqat hi bataye ga.
    from Zahid

    1. well two love birds are the most self-centred creatures in world! that was my actual point! :P
      secondly you two are definitely inspiring couple and my best wishes go out to you! AND DON'T TELL ME ZAHID BHAI READ MY BLOGS AGAIN! thats an honour! :D
      p.s. Thanks for the read! :D

    2. thanks for thanking us.
      we wish you very very very happy kanwari life while enjoying your freedom.
      we hope that soon this freedom will be discard, you will also get married like us and i (Zahid) wish you best of luck for your coming future wife and life.
      from both.. :D ;)

      i want to read all your articles but i have short time but soon i shall try to read and comment, your wit inspired me
      from Sami..

    3. thank you for those wishes + compliments... and i hope to preserve, what is to be preserve :)

  2. i personally read your article "Snape aur shadi" with my partner thinking that after our marriage you have wrote. so i like it.
    from Zahid


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