Sunday, November 2, 2014

Snape aur shadi

By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you'll become happy; if you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher. - Socrates
There is a thing about marriages. They are like the key to survival of human society, although, the human race still survived in its absence in some parts of the world. Marriages have some complexities to themselves in this part of the world, where they are the sole reason for anxiety for everyone!
The dhulla party is worried about the expenses and guests list on the walima.
The dhullan party is worried about the legitimacy of dhulla party and their own list of pseudo-guests.
The guests are worried about their inability to estimate the worth of the newly wed couple, for the sole purpose of the salami.
The end result, the thought that sails through everyones' mind… yeh shadi kis ka idea tha!! Damnit!
Anyways when the bills have been paid, the rollas of mama ji and chachi ji has been resolved, the night of vulgar assumptions as passed. The marriage moves to the next challenge…. Tabdeli ayi nahi aah gayi hai!!!?????
Love marriage, apart from its initial challenges, tends to bring with it an understanding that you don’t have to change and compromise forcefully but happy at will. And even if you find the new revelations, you still can live by the envisioned dream and work towards it.
Arrange marriages, already spooked by anxious suspicions, if not properly thought through, which is like most of the time,  demands and not asks, you to compromise and change yourself, if in case you want it to survive. And thus begin, ab hum kiya kar saktay hai-phase
Now the thing is, I am not the master of marriages…. I have not tried getting married over and over again. Once may be I came close to being married but still, kismatou ko nibah rahay hai. But after all that I have observed and reported. Like all other things, conscience is a luxury that is not compatible in marriages as well!
Either its arranged or love, else both!! You should never invite conscience to the party! And beware that it’s ‘the’ ‘wedding crasher’ your nani warned you about! Why, because usnay kiya kia, usnay kiya kaha, usnay kiya socha… is never going to resolve the moral stand of either party, larki, larki-walas, larka, larka-walas or guests. Just get over with it! And get over it!
Now a new life has start, a life of miya, biwi aur bachay…. And a happy family! Where you will join new ties and break some old ones and mess up once in a while, go out for a meal and everything will be expensively alright!
Pyar zindagi mein aik baar hotay hai, aur humeisah dou aisay afraad mein jo dunya say taang aye hotay hai… and in their own world nothing else exists, but just them and only them! The are on top! Centre, right and left … of the WORLD!! Their own world!
Now the thing about bachelors like me… the question is … to marry or not to marry?
its simple… hum SNAPE ji kay mureed hai bahiALWAYS….
Baki rahi dunya aur uski dari (rag) aka dunyadaariKush rakho aur kush raho… dosro kay liye hi sahi….
To the married… don’t take anything for granted and value your spouses and if in PAKISTAN.. their families more!
To the not-married-till-this-day…. Try becoming the next EDHI bahi and EDHI bajji

P.s.  Soocraat bahi mein nay tou shadi nahi ki par philosophy phoot phoot kar bahar arahi hai… lagta hai aap nahi kaha kuch aur tha… bhabi kuch aur hi translaite kar bethi… shadi mein undderstanding honi chahiye nahi tou banda sari ummar kay liye philosopher ban jata hai!  :P

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