Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Marriage aur Media

BAOOOOWWWWWWWWWW! Its time for the princesses and princes to get married…. AAAAAOOOWWWWW!
Marriage issues in the city of saints! The town of historic clans! The region of tradition! Oh boy! Its scrutiny time…
Unlike in develop world, we here in –lord knows well- land of landlords.. go with a different approach… bride and groom are like the last thing on the table.. first the current house-in-hold NAB(nosy assessment batch) checks the other party’s ‘social’ balance… then the size of ‘growth’ on grounds which one ‘owns’ responsibly…
The second use to come first ….  Long time ago! But still it counts… the name is … BRADARI! Nowadays there may be lot of baggage on the shoulders of bradari-bros to let the ties.. prevail… thou shall.. if you don’t share the clan… dude… it better be legit!!!  ;)
Third and the most touchy point… BELIEF! Like seriously… a country where it’s a norm with consensus of public… ‘iss qoum ka koi deen imaan nahi hai’ even then… the in-laws have to be from same house of LORD as they(NAB) are! Or else they(NAB) are damn for life in their own clan … but be sure the clan eats the walima first… chicken improves rant and abuse capacity! And a mess is the metaphorical perfection
Now in all this … the reason of all the crap fest… the couple… they are insignificants none care! Now the future of the nation.. and set priorities in a nutshell… whose opportunity and who avails… the means become the irony and aims…. But even think about them… they are lost somewhere far far away… from the land of ethics or religion.. HOLY MATRIMONY! :P
Now talking of the ethics….. ahem!                                
In terms of the stuff that going on the media.. and the courts of courts… times are coming when you would look are the person standing next to you and ask humbly.. yar aap shareef tou nahi hou.. (not to question sharaafat or the popular centre right politician) still the same thing ji!
The catharsis of nation is somewhat jeopardized by dark times of desperate media. The media first makes a hero, superficially, then destroys every bit of the character on the first possible turn of regretful event. The person is screwed and you are dumbstruck. Lesson learned… even for once you can not trust anyone. And by the end of the roller coaster ride, you realize that everything that comes on media is bullsh*t!
Judicial activism or political attention leading to political action… are being nothing but counter productive. One day the nation gets defamed for killing of four wedding dancers and the next they are resurrected after judicial notice and political action, but none out there to reinstate the retro. And absurdity is limitless… who knows after the actively forced celebration of environment day in Punjab the chief minister might be just distributing eco friendly hundred thousand laptops this fall… ones which are better disposed!
and here I sit… its oblivion …. Wondering about how in the world.. logic lose its track in English premier league and a team get to wash out its hope of leading the league to win… to one billion quid! :(
ps. i wish luck to all the sheda(s) applying for shadi with sheela(s)

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