Saturday, December 5, 2015

Sacrifice aur Sufi!

Banda baygairat ho par jootha na ho. The worst thing about lie is that it is insulting. We in 2015, have been self aware about 95% of the lies that revolve around us, so, when someone comes to you and blatantly lie to your face.. DAMN!! Its excruciating. In 2015, we, with our egos close to our heart, hate to be insulted too! And there is no worst lie of its kind then the one in field of medicine. These type 1 errors are blunt negation of the principle of ‘Do no harm’. Bahi agar anti-TB drugs ki dose nahi ati, tou please galat tou na batao!
One thing about the capital is that people here are too obsessed with hitchhiking. On every turn of the road, you would find someone who would want a lift and most of them are law enforcing people…. I wonder when did this culture developed. Yara koi self respect hoti hai! Its not like you are stranded on a highway. Those people need a lift not you, in middle of city with all the intercity vans, taxis and public transport buses roaming around you. In comparison, the city of saints with its less developed situation, and economically lower GDP, I have not seen anyone asking for lift from Chungi No. 9 to rashidabad. But if bae asks for a ride… phir tou baat different hai!
And girls here, oh man! Seriously, when you get to know someone, they seem like quite good bloke but if she is single and you are not ready to mingle! Oh man! Then its about time she will get cold with you and blimey! She can get really cold with you, to such a level that the cold shoulder might freeze up and drop off as if its leprosy.
Now to our miser attitudes. The way that this once compassionate country that just freed itself from the shackles of tyranny, turned into a frustrated mistrusting society, consolidating its struggle with the label of ‘resilience’. I mean when did the option of being smart become a desperation to be shrewd and the goal of becoming selfish. Where is the ode of sufi to be selfless, that is held as the crown jewel for the philosophical enlightenment of subcontinent, where has the mistrust come from. We need to be compassionate, we need to share our happiness, be more positive.
Everyone of us has the ability to do something spectacular in life, that will make us the reflection of perfection. Nothing is impossible, what one man can do, so can another, though it would take some sacrifice. All in all, you need to know what you want to do. Bas apnay saat fraud na karo!
We all have contradictions in our lives, so do I and this blog too! -i case if you have noticed- Its only human to be like that. We will have to evolve, every now and then, to achieve our true potential. So, be true to yourself and make it the core principle of your life.
p.s. bahi khilari na bano, khel bano! game phir apni hai! 

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