Sunday, October 4, 2015

Vapourizing aur Vele!

I am having a feeling, for procrastination and desk-hinged-legs-laziness. I basically have driven the genuine ability to concentrate, out of my account. Thus, there is massive space for the love of ‘creative output’. But as long as I weld my strong self to such trivialities, I would only be dancing with my own good-for-nothing ex-MNA recital over a current political dilemma. And that my friends, is the ‘too much thinking and doing nothing’.
You know that life is fun when you are in medicine field. Endless shifts, constant pressure, force of karma lingering over your head, effort to benefit ratio being next to clean street and messed up sweeper, the frequent trashing from your supervisors and constant piling up of others workload on your shoulders. One can ask for nothing better. The cherry on top, no one says ‘thanks’ like forever and not even a single ounce of appreciation! Because those awesome things that I mentioned are part of my job!
Being almost half way down the road, you feel the wonderment of where the road is going. When I look at new born, the one thought that comes to my mind is, ‘how innocent, how pure, how free!’. There are endless prospects for newborns, for I, all grown up, the energy vapourizing every moment, more confused and insecure, like a boyfriend of a girl, who is totally in love and mothering, a cat! So its sad.
But I am single, and by default, like any other guy from Pakistan, desperate to get attention and hitched! And the only friends that I know or to be close to people, actually are the ones I have got properly in mud with, thoroughly dirty and ended up with two happy parties. Ironically most of them are from kindergarten and I hate my communication skills! DAMN!! My life is stuck… with my kind of dogs! Probably sometime at the end, I would be sitting with same pack, dirtier than ever! And certainly happier… which I wish would be due to having freedom from our wives, actually to hangout together.
My attention span being of size of a politician’s ability to speak truth, has led me to be a blogger instead of a novelist. And my bad choice of metaphors has made me a sucker at it! So I am insincerely apologetic.  Since, I am leaving you high and drying… figuring out this post! I do appreciate your concern… KUDOS TO YOU!! adios amigo!!
p.s. here is a improvised line from a chick flick.. asi vele, sab vele, aah velaa ho ja ray!! Jeray aapay vele, oh vi sano vele kehday!!

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