Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mediocrity aur Mangni!

To start with, I will go ahead with a sarcastic joke: 
A 9 year old son asks his father, ‘baba, what is mangni?’, the father replies,’son, it is the desi wedding proposal, where the results are already fixed by the umpires’. -nahi ayi hansi... ani bhi nahi chahiye, zara sochiye!-

Living amongst the two very similar rivals with iti-kuttay-da-wair, I wont mind spending more than half of your budget on defense. The point is, the money that is allocated for health or education, should be based on a proper vision and clarity, with inference of successful outcome. Last but not the least, none of the money should go to waste, thus, a transparency shall be implemented.
Humbleness is key to a mediocre life.
The fact the more you are grateful about things, the better it is. The reason behind is simple, in this frustrated and deprived country that is also over-populated, the thing is you have one item and 100 applicants, so the insecurity is obvious! Kabhi valima peh mehmaano ko khanay pey totay dekha hai??!! Some similar sort of insecurity runs illogically and unstoppable among the veins of our country men. As a result we forget what we have been given and end up with list of things we have lost.
Why mediocrity? The fact is, its good to be mediocre, if it makes you happy, once you are happy and content, then you are no more mediocre, it’s a bad version of catch-22. And the point of being over populated, well, imagine if we were among only the 1/5 of the population, what then?! Chota kumba, khushal gharana!
I mean think about it! That day when you are driving in a dense traffic and all of a sudden ninety percent of the traffic just vanishes… WOOSH!! Just like that! And the cars ahead of you are gone, and the road is absolutely clear. How awesome is that! My friends.. just imagine. Just sit back on your chair, and take a deep gentle breath … and imagine! hmmmmmmm....
But peace is not exciting, stress is!
Sitting on the driving set of a fast moving train in a densely populated area is challenging, but if you start to get over that fear, start to enjoy the edge. Its your passport visa to growing as a person. You have got to break a few eggs to make an omelet. And in this case, the eggs better be your neighbours', if its your first time.
So, fixed matches, good governance, mediocrity, lowering population and tale of beaten eggs… we come to this country’s hot topic, khanay mein kiya hai?! Kutta karahi, khota kabab, pajjay dey pehray paye…. a food dilemma for the nation. I mean what can you do. How have we come to be so liberal at our food selection. As if the bull's reproductive cells were not enough for energy drinks and porcine derivatives for making potato chips! This is a constipated dilemma.
As a nation we are good with humour, least lahoris are! Its like our last smoke… and thus, into the fray my friends…
p.s.  barya cigarette petay hi har shaakhs ko maaf karnay to ji karta hai. Khawa, wo rishtaidaar hi kiun na ho! – Mushtaq Ahmad Yousufi

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