Sunday, October 4, 2015

Hangover aur Hansna!

Apparently the writer has caught fire, is on fire or is getting fired… But its real, this is history… two blog posts in a row, in one day… the-vele-hangover-write amigos!!!

Nowadays we don’t believe in ourselves, as much as we believe in love. Getting the soulmate through this belief is far more clear to us than the job status in next 5 years. I mean, this is how filmi we have become. And it gets difficult to cure yourself once you are in mist of people suffering from schizophrenia too.
Well the state in am right now is a little logical. The daily routine is getting up before rush hour, reaching my workplace, performing the duty, getting back home, dealing with the chorus at home and falling asleep. I mean the life has come to an all time clumber-wumper, that when I had to call an old chuddy-buddy, and I could not find his number in my cell phone. The odd moment when you forget that you actually saved your buddy’s contact over his nickname. –face palm- -high five to self-
Life is crazy – or I have gone hazy!
There are times, one is pinched by self-actualization. When one feels like doing something that will define oneself. Boost their power, bank account or number of admirers!! You know… getting to do something by thinking out of the box, something not so mainstream, something different! But most of the time this ‘something’ needs ‘sum of money’ and a thing between your ears. Thus, one is left stranded. The sum was spent last night and number of other nights on partying and the thing between the ears has been fried-up by the ‘mist of people’ you are in.
 But don’t worry my dear believer, you will find numerous shrewd people living that in this metropolitan city, without any real ambition to make real difference. They just focus on the greenback! Sadly they are right… once one is hostage to this crowd, Stockholm syndrome does not take long to sink in, thus, many have fallen before you! Money is sweet, notoriously tastes and smells like victory.
So now, do in Rome want Romans do! As Descartes maxim say, which he wrote in Discourse on Method, for practical life till the finding of truth! Though he basically considered the first three as major but the fourth nontheless was included inspite of his doubts.....
1. Respect, in real means, for the societal norms as well as adherence to the practices of the sensible, for the course of your actions.. in other words, gel in.
2. Pursuit yet even on the most doubtful paths when adopted.. aik dafa commitment karlo to apnay aap ki bhi na suno
3. Try to master oneself rather than fortune, and change one's own desires rather than the order of the world…. Kabil bano.. paisa jhaak maar kay peechay aaye ga…
4. Review the various professions and chose the best…. Sir jee! Aye riski hai!
You know what, you can always grow old, let the time pass by, an maybe nothing will change, but remember… be cool! Look at Jack Nicholson, he is still awesome!! I mean, just google him and look at him!!
P.s. hansna mat bhoolo … hans kay geo, mazay mein geo, geo ki hidayat ki dua maag kay geo!!

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