Thursday, December 26, 2013

Deal aur duwaa!

whats the deal with next year?
do you think that education is an important part of your life to come?
think again because i am not referring to attaining degrees but learning to live. as human, we are push to answer pains in test, and answering it with the maximum amount you can bare. that is the sort that actually defines you.
life has taken me from rain forest to scorching desert, there and back again. i feel content at times and lost in the other. but hey, i am not here giving advice on secret to success in life and nor is this blog for that purpose.
i am here to share experience.
with age i have realize that:
1. the world is a wonderful place! aint it!
2. you have to live and let live! peace!
3. there is no point to cause harm! its wrong!
4. its better to adapt! thy descartes says!

and still if i thats true. where will you pay for your pizzas, burgers, movies, clothes and haircuts. conclusion being, either your sponsors be nice or you be filthy rich.
to be rich, you cant depend on being an employee for your whole life as you will be given just a share of what you contribute. thing is you got to do business. and to make business success in this land of ours this is whats required:
1. you need to invest and manage it well because profit is a must
2. you need to watch your back because of your competitors
3. you need to befriend a top bureaucrat because he has the key to the system
4. you need to be around politicians because they need neutralization
5. you need to get the generals on your side because that legitimizes you
6. and, you need to be ready for forgeting why you even want to get filthy rich in the first place!

just try finding fun among people around you and keep up the good work in your profession. keep your family and loved ones happy. may you have a good 2014!

p.s. tey meinu duwaa ch yaad rakhna :)

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