Sunday, January 12, 2014

City aur see-ain-jee!

this blog is not an account of a guide, you know me! but a pretension of of knowing what i certainly have no degree for!

written in the theme of : 'kabhi ao na peerou kay shehr..... jhootay utaar kay!'

must you come to the town of saints,
pretend under a tree that blessings rain.

to all those who are reading this from some part of the world other then Pakistan. let me introduce you to the 'City of Saints'.
to all the people who are in Pakistan and are familiar with the town already. forgive me!

so friends let me take you on a journey that thrills the heart and mind of every tourist that travels across borders in search of adventure and skips Pakistan as a security state. this town like other areas of this country are much more safe, for the inhabitants of this town have promised themselves to do no such thing that offers pain beyond their comfort bar. so why would they push you to hand a penny when they feel being high on amphetamine already.
anyways, the town was anciently build on a hill with a stronghold castle and about eight gates of which due to mankind disease of populating and undermining artifacts.. two or three have been reported to survive. while downhill it was recorded that a river went astray to leave a land to hangout on a different plane. though few decades ago it use to feel a bit outlawed, thus use to flood the adjacent settlements in monsoon. but the government under the act of honour and realization, few years ago built a dyke.
if you do come to the city of saints start from the top to the bottom. there shall be nothing concealed and you shall get to take the best out of the experience. the time of year, whichever you choose is up to you but do keep a bottle of sweet  ode of pepsico or coke co. and a tablet of antiallergy, for dust is sacred enough to leave its effect, and depressant cure, for those of you who pay alot of mind.
now i would start from the qilla kohna! the hill redecorated by the italian friends. its crowned with the shrines of the 'real saints'. you can see the class of construction that you would not witness anywhere else. the vibe that instills holiness and spiritually right across the spectrum of life.
on the other side there is a park, known to be the oldest one and a red building from where you  can see the entire city. its reported that the rulers of this city use to monitor there subjects from up there. but before entering the building of this city that acquaints you to a further stretchy name of this town, do remember to charity the 20 bucks to this country's government. its a nice act of kindness! though you might also see many other people asking for the same favour but in a different and less threatening manner but its your will that counts.. as for what i remember, i once saw a banner sponsored by local bureaucracy deeming beggary as a crime.
so after this you can move to the posh area or as its said, the militarily developed area. but as its a domain that neither the apex court of this country or the civilian government, has been able to cross. the cantonment is a place, you shall walk by yourself. Pakistan Zindabad!
moving next to the famous eat outs of this town, you shall experience the same sort of food like the rest of the Pakistan but one specialty that is tortured out of any expatriate of this town is the beaned chocolate looking massively sweet 'sohaan halwa'. currently there are numerous claimants of producing the most authenticated ISO certified one! as far as i am concerned .. they all are the same.
other places that i have personally exprienced ...and say that you can survive with a couple of traveler's medicine are.. the spicy brayani rice from the dera adda tasty restaurant,  halwa puri from dera adda, the dilmeer pairay wali lassi from where i-must-not-name, the famous baba ice cream, the not so famous food street near center of the city and the places that make it a BIG CITY! KFseeeeeeeeeee! Pizza HUUUUUUUUUUUT! Gloria JEEEEEEEEANs! HARDEEEEEEEES! and the newly fixed crown jewel... BURGER KING!
now that you feel fed and glorified by what the city had offered. dont! the big roads and the flying-overs with a 'bend' can be misleading. the city is quite old. all these houses that are constructed, have been erected in the last three decades, the old city breaths in its peripheral. the thing about this city is that if you move 300 meters away from any major road you shall see the stacked up houses with narrow passages, with faces explaining the history of the town. and yeah.. thats deep! unlike the real estate rocketing off the roof, in light of a trophy ex-prime minister's map of development of builders.. and no other industry or business, pulling the city to its ground.
historically, all those who have came here to conquer, have got ruined from alexander, who got hit by an arrow and qasim, who received the letter that led to his end, here in this city. while all those who have tried attacking in the last 300 years have left a chunk of their clans. surnames i shall not mention!
in the end, i wont call it the best but its the last though, some historian have ventured to this extent to say that the satan landed here after being thrown from heaven. leading to adaptability toward tendency of not so good things. for real saints have tried their best. i rest my case!

p.s. a modified line dedicated to my homies.. one i saw behind a carry van in the capital:
 paraishaan na thi mein zaroor asah.. aaj kal see-aain-jee(CNG) baand hey wal asah! jiya saeen jiya ;)

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  1. O bhai! I didnt know you were a good writer! fit he!


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