Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Aliens aur anjani!

this is the town that has quiet a tendency to have certain lavishness to its lifestyle. you dont owe much to anyone. the life goes on and so does the time. nothing is going to stop you. and among the mist of the demi foreigners, have come a breed of aliens from the city of saints. there is nothing better for us then to enter the lifestyle of the carefree and restless.
initially we tried to make it to take up a desi style but even the phindi-ness from the neighbourhood failed to make it to us. brats were to big to be conscious of any restraints. but still remained within the given options.
one might often wonder what does the city of power hold so different from rest of the mainland and shores. the answer is.. gate pass! its the base camp to any mountain in terms of career or achievements you might look to earn. so if you are a dreamer like us then this is the place to be.
as university just pass right by the last stop, things have started to be less funny and more americano! the pakoras have lost their taste, least for now.
when it comes to getting a place on rent ..the worst backdrop though is the factor of being a bachelor! you are the low lying fornicating druggy to every landlord who has the potential to tease his or her daughter, sisters and wives, and most of all throw the community in to the pits of dark cures of evil letting its men to go astray. So if you get a place to live peacefully, in your imagination. Well, first throw it out in hot air oven and turn the temperature 550 degree celsius .. take it out and dissolve in concentrated acid and waste it in a gutter! second... get married!
p.s. ghoomay inn rhaho say jo anjani hai.. par nasha bhi yaaro kuch aur hi hai!!!

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