Sunday, February 26, 2017

Dylan aur Dharkhan!

Bob Dylan wearing Panama hat, enuf said! - mic drop -
Mid life no wife, still single none to mingle, bad finances no fiance, social quagmire none to admire... may be i am asexual! or there isn't a girl around me who'd like to proudly claim, 'My man is a loser!' well post-marriage is a separate story because after she owns 'his' ring, its 'her' prerogative to abuse and misuse.
Though at my end of the deal, well its really depressing, where Socrates said, get married, if successful, a happy man, if not, then a philosopher! Well, i am not, yet i am philosopher. So how worse can it get!
With two twenty million people living in Pakistan, limited resource, and ever limited opportunities, how does one aspire! banda apnay gham roye ya dosrou kay
So there is a race, you be a part of it or not, its the storm that is going to engulf you anyway. Every choice you make, will and does matter. Even that help you tried to give to a girl your friends tried to get you out of thinking about, though, while you did it, you were self-talking about 'how humans have complex delusions about their existence' and 'larger than life destiny' ... shall have a consequence of an awkward moment, for the least! Practically every action and inaction has a consequence.
But knowing that i am living in times like these, i feel helpless because i am! believe it or not, headlines tell the same stories, you scratch my back, i scratch yours, convicting a PM in the past (Gillani) got us nowhere and getting PM Sharif will also get us no where either(in case it happens). Powerful will always be able undermine the rights of the undermined, no matter what, no matter how. This is how the world has been like and no dream of a socialist marxist can change this. Those who are in position to control and influence will go back and forth to gain and regain their chairs at the halls of untouchables!
But it isn't all bad, to live and survive this life, try to woo her or shoo her, try to do something! chahaye clicktivism hi ho, as Bob Dylan says, you better start swimmin' or you'll sink like a stone!
Thus, while trying to move around, i just wrote this on a sunday which i felt was an eventless day so far, except for Manchester United winning the EFL cup! All Hail Ibra!! GGMU!

 aap ki nazaaroun nay samjha wrath kay kabil humain
dil ki ah dharkhan tehar ja, mil gayi tension mujhe 

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