Thursday, September 15, 2016

Honour aur Himakat

A girl who is a daughter, is hope of a family, is the fight of decades, time can be the only historian who can tell what struggles culminate over the period of several years. If you are not in-lined with the lives of the common man you have to understand, life is a strange and bittersweet roller-coaster ride. In there, you shall find, the space for a whirl pool that is constantly in motion, in an abstract way, its the balance of given space. It is this, the girl.
As children of this society, we look up to our elders for wisdom. And because of this, nothing shakes our confidence in them than the very absence of that wisdom.
We had an academy award winning director covering the topic of honour killings and shedding a much needed light in to its roots. Laws have been generated through brainstorming. High profile celebrities have been victims of this. Yet, it fails to end its streak.
I may be an educated person, to know whats wrong. Else, if too educated, would have quoted Descartes, and emphasized to comply with the norms of society. But, may be I am too educated to be indifferent to either side. So, nor do I believe in honour neither in love, but all I believe in, is sanctity of life. I believe in peace knowing that this world is build on chaos and has been in it for ages.
Thank goodness, this media of our does not represent our society, which is hideous as it already is. Intolerance, undetected, has settled down in our rows, and will grow ever stronger world wide if the trends are to be believed. The sickness will grow ever so strong and the ways of man will change for the worse. The only real enemy here, is our 'ego'. Ironically, it is core of the current versions of love and honour.
The truth is that these are nothing but himakat and nothing else.
Society is already too decomposed and the macabre reality partakes it down the drain.
P.s. To start curing this disease, a mass psychiatric evaluation is needed. This will lead to diagnosis and then... only then... we can look for submission of its exact cure from the experts!

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