Saturday, June 18, 2016

Report Card aur Ramazan!

Excitement in life is like McDonald's cheesy potatoes balls.. at first it seems all-tasty cheese filled crumcoat, but 3 to 4 bites down they loose the impact and taste like nothing but meshed potato.
Just gave one more bit of my exams, yet again. But I am not here to talk about the remorse of the same old shitty experience that one feels like running away from. What I am going to talk about is what it did to me. 
I am not opportunity-less man. I am bloody high on being lucky and near escapes. But to me its about getting to my potential, its more of what comes from the package of individuality, and not giving a fu*k about what the crowd identifies itself as or with.
My ever changing perception, evolved once again. Learning: Life is not about this shit or that shit, its the food mess where you always get served. So, you better develop a taste, or just get to extremes of liking food at highs and hating it on lows. It wont give you either pain or comfort, it will be what it is. 
You live in a world constructed to be at peace, but is growing intolerant ever since. Its a regression to towards the nature; miser, selfish and violent. So, if I feel passionate to save lives, it seems noble to me, especially, where life is about grabbing the objects that you fancy. To die, live and then die, for them, is all that takes over. 
In this overcrowded, intolerant and insecure society, which is at the same time compassionate, resilient and family-oriented, we are herd of desperate animals rebelling against each other. We want heaven and earth, all to ourselves, while we don't know shit.  
As, I discussed vehemently in my previous blogs.. now its proven that Pakistan's biggest obsession is MARRIAGE... getting an opportunity to consummating marriage, get hell bent on saving it in the long run and in the end, brag about cherishing its frights e.g. status of being a 'responsible' member of society, etc.
But my goal here is try to understand the bigger picture. 
Firstly, one derives strength from ones' race, gender, social and financial status of your parents, ethnic background and infrastructure around. Then secondly, the factors leading toward the kind of education you get from the schools and universities deemed fit for oneself, the 'Iyashi' opportunities one can afford, and then the two acting upon each other for the kind of job you wish to find. Alas, you are inhibited by the society due to their set norms and perceptions, your monetary restraints and life itself, with its mysterious serving of the same-shit-every-now-and-then. Thirdly comes, the epitome of one's life, the report card of your life, the thing! FAMILY, initially you have to get married to have one of your own!! work to keep it, and fill it with children, while you can and at the end get away with the credit of having 'the great learning'.
Feminism, an important part of today's culture, I hail it! though it was chained and shackled by one's personal and family reputation, prospects of harassment,  and opposition from our indigenous traditions. While the men on the other side, were facing lesser evils of falling in to inferior company of lesser intellects, drug access, immorality, and physical beating as a result of being overly expressive. Though, both girls and boys, can still decide, to great extent toward their education and job, but they don't get a 1/3 of that support when it comes to marriage. This is how grave it gets. And if ever you are none compliant, you are dead!
Now, sitting in this wicker chair, sipping my americano that tastes like a jalli-huwi coffee, still managing to make it up with the bitterness that I as of recently related to my life, is what life is serving tonight anyway. I for now will keep on pushing to improve my life and my understanding, so should anyone enlighten enough to realize all this, should too.Though, its Ramazan, I do wish for a pakora, but the coffee house is too cool for that, wonder what life thinks!
p.s. Saal kay 11 mahenay hum coffee pay nahi aisay martay, jese iss ramazan kay mahenay mein hum aik Pakoray par martay hai!!

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