Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Loss aur Likho apni kahani!

the tale of 'The Lost Faith in Mist of Living True to Yourself'
Join in on the factors of thinking the time shall be on our sides but you will be betrayed. Don’t worry, in this life, you have seen it before and you shall see it again. I am Life and I possess my own death, that I keep on seeping into the main bloodstream. I have aspiration that I cherish till the day I have to kill. These are the sacrifices that I have to make to get by.
What are the perceptions that will have their toll on the grown up; The pressure to be loved, to see your life worth the effort. Now you believe it. What options did you really have?!
The fact is the life is relative under pressure of constant comparison. I have to see my strengths, something beyond SWAT analysis. The reality is not someone’s property but you and I have to buy one’s own reality, on a lease. The day you lose your confidence, is the day you lose your reality. Try to get a new one, in this ever changing world.
I for most, have to look at what I do best. Kindda where have I spent most of my time… worrying, over-thinking… cant get a career out of them can i?!! But I, in silence, can work on the professional skill and expertise, with the literature I bought out of excitement.
All in all, I have the opportunity to live a life no one can afford to live. The life of a stoic. Now, I am not talking of the real selfless one, more like the one who has no other option, it is the hypocritical option. Bahi apna level hi bohat high hai, aur apni league to championship hai aur apni khawahish premier league ki Norwich whose preference is that of the standard of Manchester United or Liverpool.
While you prepare, you don’t have a warranty, life can shake and stir at any time, go out into thin air, disappear – WHOSSHH – gone! Just like that!
So dude! Apni tou life ki watt lag giye hai! Kiya bananay nikalay thay aur kidher aah gaye
The jack of most trades has to stick to his survival and grab hold of his attention span. Work his way out the midlife blues, and I am not even married yet and people so easily get on my nerves lately. Better get more sleep from now onwards.
This or that …. The English team is out of Euro as expected. Proud of this remorse over the inability English football team’s of achieving its potential, much like the reflection of my own life... Aab tou aadat si hai m******* ki!
And as far as current political instability, home and away, is concerned, I hate talking politics nowadays, either I am too aware now of my awareness or my dumbness or both! Or the world is too much of a beautiful chaos!
So my friend, enjoy life while you can.
P.s. dil ki darkan say likho apni kahani… jhoomo reh … hahaha … Noori song on the air!

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