Friday, March 13, 2015

Nation aur Nafrat!

A girl goes up to the Drugstore, and asks for a loaded gun. Upon inquisition she reveals that she is suffering from a bad case of rishta-walas. So, in order to recover from the ordeal, the quick fix she believes is... shooting the menace!
Bachelor ki tou life haram hai!
This 'good' forsaken nation of newly-weds, seems to be obsessed with marriages and obese-due-to-walimas. Every time one drives at evening, all you find is flower-pasted luxury cars. Queues of motor-cads  with hazard mode on... is it not the ultimate irony?
Well to tell you the truth, there is nothing more from my end on nuptials... the thoughts have bled and I feel better.
Here, in this big town, with big people and even bigger egos ... with biggest insecurities, when in all the day's work ends, what one really wants is to avoid slightest of talks with the most irritating individuals living in nearest of vicinities.
Yar, kash iss kay moun na lagna parta! saray mood ka satiya naas kar diya hai!
This person of diabolical personality, can be anyone, your relative, colleague, next door neighbour, kin, landlord, or even the watchman. It may either depend on the certain disposition you are in at that certain moment. But for those who bother us to such height of excruciating madness, we have a cunning plan....
Bhaarh mein jayee! -to hell with ________ (the person in focus)-
No love casket is full enough for you, to tolerate the f**ker!
Guys! Guys! Guys! what I feel is that we are past that age of eating burgers! Kfc(insulting to the race of burgers), McDonald, Hardees, Fat Burger, Johnny Rockets, Burger King... they all are mediocre prehistorice! Pizza is in fashion and passion! and i am not talking about that piece of s**T the bakeries sold you before the arrival of Pizza hut!
Thing is if your mother, wife or sister... or father, husband or brother.. in case... cooks something you don't like, put some sauce of tomato and a slice of cheese on the meal and VIOLA! its an eatable! that is what the legend of pizza taught me! You know what ... take that as a tip of the day for me!
Inspiration! Inspiration! Inspiration! we watch movies, go out to places, spend money on things... even ruin weekends on cricket! but if its not there... where is it!?? Well.... in a cup of tea! the fuel that is actually running this country, from offices to roads... and LEGALLY!
IS...Tough! Tough! Tough! a life of newly-out-of-university is tough! just the look at your newly out paycheck breaks the dreams out of your heart! unless you are anointed! then you have profits!
My friends life is as long as we live... is it not!? unless you are a political leader! then life is as long as you are in assembly or senate(If you have a lot of money in the bank!) ... if you can read, then try reading literature and not people, especially not with an empty stomach... it can cause ulcerative socialitis... a disease has not found its cure yet!
p.s. iss dunya mein, itna pyar karnay wala tum par nazar nahi rakhta, jitna nafrat karnay wala rakhta hai! hatred kills... stay safe!

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