Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Imagination aur intakhab!

I came across a very interesting inspcrition, while sittiing in a texan-cow-boy-themed restaurant. It went like this:
"Guns don't kill, but fathers with beautiful daughters do!"
Becoming single in recent past plus holding the current title of confused-to-mingle, this was a self-serving message and an important reminder.
Every now and then, in moments of weakness, when sight falls upon some gorgeous looking, glamourous female with glorious features, the dubious imagination of mine tend to take a sudden turn toward the peron-in-focus's gazetted hero... Her...OOO... papa jani!
- A man with big mustache (Gama Pehalvan) and thick eye brows (Captain Cook) holding a double barrel gun (Sean Connery's from the Rock) in his hands -
Hence before the flower of hope gets a chance to blossom up, I have it incinerated by my undertaker-of-an-imagination.
And friends, make no mistake, there was one girl in white shirt with blue jeans, wearing a cow-girl hat.
Alas! this is not to be a story where harry meets sally, but, a story of 'how to lose it in split of dad-struck imagination.
tou ab baal banaye kis kay liye...
But when I look around, I see a different breed of men, I see the ones who seem ignorant or worse, insensitive, to imagination induced fears, the perks of realism. I see hope in their perverted-look smiley faces and confidence in their ghastly ravaging glares.They have sensed. They have learned. They are the kominas of the town. I am not. I feel like a lost boy with no plan.
par harry ki sally say mulaqaat tou na howi, magar ginny us mohabat karti hai....
What I Think: "So much faith now relies on elegant shoulders of this talent-hunter of a girl. The one who sees me as the 'perfect' suitor(not shooter!) for her"... I know right!!?
-Foreva Alone!-
But I am not... Boys like me have overconfident mothers, who happen to overestimate their sons. According to mothers, the poor 'we' are suspected susceptible cases of 'severely suffering from a parasitic girlfriend'. And so, 'we' as the princes of our majestic Queens, need constant observation and counseling to scare away the demons of the girl. Therefore, rises the Great-grand phenomena of the 'Saas'
- The equally scary version of Gama Pehalvan/Captain Cook/Sean Connery's double barrel gun holding dad of your crush-
P.s. saas bahu ho ya susaar damaad...
      iss masharay mein hai bohat say khoulay tazaad... 
      tou ho koi larki ya larka... 
      souch samaj kar karay intakhab...


  1. aoa! would u like to tell me who is the person which motivate u for writing such a interesting blog ;)
    by the way blog is awsm i like it good job man :) from Sam

    1. First of all ... the most important aspect for initiating the process of writing for a new post, is one simple thing... inspiration! anything can be the source... an emotion, observation or sheer will to express something. Secondly, in current case, it was my family (you all).
      So, thank you :)

  2. 2 things i like the most.
    "Guns don't kill, but fathers with beautiful daughters do!"
    and other one
    They are the kominas of the town. I am not.
    so yoouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu are not ?????????
    but i like the most last 4 lines.


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