Monday, April 21, 2014

Reality aur raaz!

Quarter of a century into life and what I choose to do is busting the myths out of the horror-freaking life.
Well its not like I am thinking out of the box or something. As a matter of fact, I could have not been too confined and biased in my approach. Though, in this case the route that I took, kindda made the difference. Anyways, what I do is, not to conform to pseudo-thoughtful society and its inherited dysfunctional wisdom. Thus, my perceptions may be wrong in your view, but I sort of… firmly believe in them! Because as they say.. apple does not fall far from the tree.. and what bounced off you… I admit! It must have got stuck to me… because I think, so I exist! HAIL DESCARTES! –reference to the latest Captain America movie…. Was to clich├ęd!-
Anyways my young/young-at-heart people!
This goes out to you. I really don’t see a point in marriages but they are raining like cats and dogs. Its so extreme that my entrepreneur friend is thinking of erecting a wedding planning business, meaning that its all too crazy. Marriage is just a level of …. Ahhhh.. achievement or something to do with not-so platonic love or a vacancy for next level source of discomfort in your life! But hey! I am just saying, why not ‘focus’ on other levels of discomfort… might actually give you ‘greater’ extent and higher level of self-fulfillment/self-actualization.
I hate to say this but parents in Pakistan are too overly obsessed with societal perceptions, in an ethically decaying society and yes I am not on the same page when they themselves throw irreligious tendencies at climax, to suit their own comfort. We might not actually be living with the same values they have tried to preserve, in the next few decades.
I would like to raise my hand and whistle an alarm too! I wasn’t against the idea of marriage before nor a supporter of fornication, not to mention irrelevant choices that people make. But parents do want me to and the other parties feel equally interested to idea of marriage, though, ironically. What my point is, unlike many women complaining of an age ceiling of 28-30, for their marriage, and how it can severely stereotype them at worse, but hey! If I choose to do that .. after a certain age, I would be doom-stereotyped too! You know what I mean!
Anyways, men! I talk to you here.. you are not married yet! Remember! Ignore your faulty physiological need indicator! There is a virus in the system and its been prevalent for a long time! Now is the time. Never has it ever been this greater need to do this. You are like the element at its peak of boomdom, who wants to get married and actually embrace a freakin’ recession.
When I look around the world and at the mess its in. what I conclude, with due apology, is that a lot of elders are just pretending to have things in control, while as matter of fact, they are insecure and at a total loss of understanding the bigger picture. While, this wisdom we hear of, is nothing but the art of utilizing the 'art of ignoring stuff'. Focus may be some good then as it only comes after you have achieved it, in case you feel the need.
While going through all this crap, I almost felt numb. It seems as if the severe stroke of pain will kick in like the kick in balls, which I often found awakenings to be. You cannot be happy in an eternal or near eternal way. Its almost like you are not suppose to even ‘want’ that. Sadness and discomfort, as perceived, is always going to be mainstream or more prevalent. One needs to acknowledge rather then embrace, that. But I have to say, life is just not the way I thought of it to be… YOU HEAR ME LIFE!! I SAID IT!!
And afterall, there is no point in avoiding unhappiness(as we see it).
And to those who felt like.. yeh raaz tum per kab khula… well reality arrived at my door in Lahore.. tey Lahore Lahore aye!
P.S. apologies to  the people who felt a bit offended. I wish you to ignore it.and if it makes you feel better.. the writer feels he is suffering from a british pakistani homourtitis... But thanks for the read! ;)

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