Sunday, April 6, 2014

Judges aur oun kay jalay!

there is a growing population of judges in the land of pure. by that i mean domestic and household judges. people who matter. masses that create opinion on your scandalous marriage with your age appropriate wife or husband. the pillars that are holding our values and traditions from the time you opened your eyes because what was before that is water under the bridge. this, my friends is the flourishing colony of most virulent and contagious, leeching segment of our society, while you and i are the obediently ever-serving broth.

friend 1: what is the point of being judgmental?
friend 2: helps you become shwerd and eases the anticipation for what is come.
friend 3: and makes one miserable and leads to exalted suffering with forever suspicious and non-trusting brats and bitches.

there are a lot of preconceived notions flying around us, of which most is utter crap. one person's experience of a situation is as much benefit to other as a fish monger who just buys but cant catch fish. most of the time what works is.. you stay focused at what is that you want to do and why! and pay no heed to energy sucking leeches in your environment.
but hey! i am not here to advice you guys about your lives and you be lesser fools if you search for it in here. because for all that, you must have a need of successful people with loads of fame and fortune but more fame still. the vicarious idols you are bound to by society.

the slack

i consider greed and fear as my fundamental instincts. for instance i 'want' to think that i 'need' to have highest grade in a course and i only pick that time out of yearly charts, when theres one week left from the exam date. and i am talking about annual examination system here!

the cool

i have recently had a lot of spirits revolving around me. and trust me, my non-trusting friends, i am soul oriented person and a massive 'existing' contradiction who thinks! ... alot! for which i recently got diagnosed .. AGAIN.. in a gathering of saints of this city.. the book club. we were tasked with reading the research article and a long one, by elif shafaq, whose title was 40 rules of love. i wish if some one could send that to HEC and get its plagiarism tested. many saints would agree with me on this, alive or not! as being a follower of scientific logic, one who believes that things dont just happen.. and in case if they are bad.. they take a bunch of fools to culminate. (aint that cool!), people should put some brakes on spirituality for a few years.

the terrified

now i was on the road for quite sometime for the last few days. i have seen a lot of accident sites and much worryingly frequent. not that people have forgot how to drive. we know, every driver thinks he/she has the right to remain on road, but still. there is some kind epidemic of bad driving sense around here that is seemingly incurable. and the only prevention i think is shutting down fuel pumps. na rahay ga baans na bajay ji bansiri. please forgive my honest and cruel + evil .. intentions!

p.s. i think i found in our national proverb as to why people dont like change and opening up to new ideas isnt prevalent in the land of pure. doodh ka jala, chhach(lassi) bhi phook phook kar peeta hai! ;)

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