Friday, February 3, 2012

Switches aur sharif

Room 401
“you told me that the darn a-hole thought he did pol science from oxford”
‘yea i did’
‘why the crap does he still think theres no political spectrum, in this country then’
‘well is it not quite obvious that he want something all along. He acted like an ignorant and at the end of the day he has picked the people from all walks of political parties’
‘Damnit- why does he think he can get away with everything’
‘because he went away with that Melbourne final!!’
Oval Room White House 3:13am
‘why do the protesters have to act like hippies yet again”
‘i told you , you have given them a lot of freedom’
‘they will have a lot to think about… they are facing the political gimmick… these piracy loving fast food eating junkies are going to get what they ask for’
‘and what are you planning to do’
‘there is a place i am going to sensitize which they are not going to be even aware of’
‘what is that’
‘what did i told you they are more to themselves… and the best thing is the cameras aint interested about wallstreet anymore’
That’s all that.we all have had our highs and lows. The time tells a lot to that’s still to be learned . we have to think before work. Staying here in this city of saints have a certain way of its people. I previously met a long time familiar lass… asked her a certain view … what!! Got to see was massive attitude. At the end of the day i was in equally massive shock.
A girl whos british educated, girl power acquainted, with decent exposure to music and literature …well off and not to mention the branded clothes!! but still has some certain way of emergent festering insecurity and most of all the way to think. Quite much like the ‘multani desi girl’ Neither a catch nor commodity, but still respect. GO WOMAN!!
Last month i was on the way to a posh area of the city. Driving in my posh style. Came to a halt on a traffic signal… the green light glowed ( go Pakistan!!) .. went on with second gear.. (oh!! Crap!! Arsenal :@) red it was… me in the mid of the cross.. traffic warden staring at me.. spontaneously went with the flow took the first turn back. Thought i would get away this time along. Shit! The grey man waved the hand.
‘need a ride babes!’
ticket it was :(
And NBP was also little close :)
Now heres a story i do love narrating.
Once upon a time there was University in which there was a very powerful admin officer who had a wife! There was a problem in his home…. with this wife to be correct. The loadshedding was scheduled for 8-9 in evening the time when humsuffer gets aired (i suppose!! Maybe) anyways most serials do… the wife wanted to watch these serials and scolded her husband.. husband scolded WAPDA… the schedule changed to 7-8… everyone there onward lived happily ever after again.
But our life is sad… with this sad face i went down to kuchery… went pass the NBP.. to traffic police office. In between came the GC civil lines gate. It opened… and along came the shouts of yet another protest.. as per usual to speak of in view of civil lines culture …as the uniform of my university and civil lines are the same… looked at the officers standing in crossed arms.. ‘here come the lone dear in loins den’… i with the look ‘dude! Please i aint one of them’
This week was epic.. watched the England-Pakistan 2nd test match… the peak of English arrogance and desi londapun up against each other. Just when the side screen shows KP’s dismissal… the camera follows the man himself verbally showing aggression from dressing room…’what the fu*k.. bullshit!’ ahem… ahem… there goes the pride of the top flight batsman of world’s No. 1 test team.
I am a peace loving guy. And i wish to obey the law but you see in multan there are mostly lawyers or traffic wardens dealing with it!! as i see… and not much of civil society. Now in my view as multan is becoming PUL-Tan and developing at a decent pace… many things can improve for the better if we put up the strong civil society. Heres what i purpose take an 80s old foxy in worst physical condition… and they (wardens) have all the reason to ticket you… in the end place the icing over the cake and put up the MNA green on it. Drive it without license and car registry.. take the media with you… and check in at the nearest warden. Get a photoshoot… and let them know you are with them… jail awaits you!!
Now anyone who is in university knows that you are bound to uphold your image in front of your professor or either you are going to get targeted lecture or get hurt on GPA.
But sometimes this academic moral police gets out of hand with its overconfidence and their perception betrays them in the process.
Recently a retired arm serviceman caught a girl and a boy eating meal near woods in university far in northern Pakistan :P As per usual gave them a treat of harsh words and local rants, while the duo kept reassuring that they were siblings. He persisted on his course of action. The guy called his father. Next scene. father comes and hands out his card to ex-serviceman, who rips it apart. Then the daddy reintroduces himself as the current general of intel with a good old slap on the face of moral brigade. I wish maha khan too would have met some daddy like this when she went on a rampage of invading the poor’s privacy in local parks.
Why this kolaveri di?
Now as the valentine day is coming close … single people are feeling bad.. as most are men… well here is the thing. I have a view these desi women they are not easy going they are not having any interest going along that well. Why waste your efforts on them, that’s only going to be ineffective. This is not right that should work in right direction. Western women have more dept in their attitude and easier to go along with. Here you would have to deal with more hypocrisy, yours and theirs. Humara kia hai hum tou ernest hemingway say inspired hai.
Now lets talk a little about these recently married uncles. I wonder why they keep advising our parents. ‘bechay ki shadi karday’ for some reason it brings a smirk on my face.. ‘dekho ketna khush ho raha hai’ while in heart he feels..’bechay tumhe kia pata phir kia halat hoti hai… the face expressions tell it all… while my cordial reply is… ‘uncle ji! Aap ko dekh kay pata chal raha hai.. isleye tou hansi nilkli hai!’ :P
But to talk of imran khan and his political morals. I see a chronic problem. The divide of liberals and radicals . right in my face ‘defahe-pakistan-conference’ banners everywhere in city of saints. We need a break. It was not suppose to be like this.. how are we going to get out of this… because if the distinction of such sort grows, the repercussion can be no less then bloody themselves. You are either with them or against them. Its seems to be important that we know our role in building this society with a balance in our views. Its not new that sectarianism has been quite a lot damaging to our nation but this thing is a grave matter. Don’t forget that the country itself was made on the basis of political reason but if confused with religion it can as its being done then heres some dark age that might need dealing with.
In the end i will try sketching the recent heart wrecking event in Punjab Cardiology lahore… but here is a sketch… these people who are striving for the basic necessities of life… they are given a relief in the name of free medicines by these commission eating political high up industrialists who go by the name of ‘sharifs’
‘yes come here .. take it from us you helpless… poison… the cheapest you can get!’
But poor aside you cant even rescue shahbaz taseer.. shahbaz ‘sharif’… sad indeed
I solemnly swear i don’t want your laptop… go paint it with lead… what can we expect…
So they are the pretty much the switched subjects for this month’s blog… and a piece of my mind for sharifs..
p.s. i know the way the plot is made. Well this is a part of experimentation… language as simple as it can get… i hope that the reader may like the switches in the plot.. and feels that the flow is formidable… political differences come under speech freedom!!

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