Monday, February 13, 2012

Subway aur Sallay

the driver kept pressing the horn. for a while i thought about giving way then contradicted itself. as i was about to recognize the face of the driver from side mirror, when moved the car sideways. this time around retried to overtake. as i myself were about 5 meters from the next vehicle, his ridiculity just seemed absurd to me. in a split second his car was parallel to mine. WHAM!! while trying to shift it in haste he bumped his car into mine!
while i was in a mild shock of what just went on. the guy parked his car and got out of it. the tazmanian devil in me got ready as well. suddenly i made of his identity. and the devil went down the drain. while the guy just threw a few rants and checked out that his car was unharmed, he went back in the car and drove off.
i for the next 20 minutes went on the subconscious highway. i remembered that guy from my form 3 days when he was known to be a thug in our circuit. fights in the name of chicks who wont even have a clue on who did it for whom. someone whose intellect was not possibly of highest level. yea, 7 or so years after, he was still in that same old game. a thought that haunts. inspiration none the less, if i dont put my shit right i be ending up as him. WOW!! and ofcourse as the moment and the attitude suggest he was still going for his date(still!!!) or for hanging out with some uni friends (awww!! thats so cute :P)
recently that sharif guy came over and distributed some 6000 laptops. but where there is smoke there must have been fire. never believed that he do any good. and yet again he proved me right. the laptops were set up on a ridiculous operating system which needed some techs work to be of any proper use to start with. what were you even thinking... and its a shame how the lot is still desperate to get their hands on it.
but i suppose those laptops would still be better than pizza hut's meat lover!! DAYUMM! that thing just made me hate beef once and for all. but subway to the rescue people!! that steak and cheese sandwich IS LUV!! seriously restored my confidence that beef tastes as good with cheese and for real!! :P
Anyway its gonna be valentines day tomorrow!! remember we are all animals at heart and chauvinism comes naturally. and dont forget the jealous deprived lot and ofcourse these sallay who would always be the same...

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