Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Nature aur Naya saal!

On this land you don’t drive on the left side of the road, as like what our colonial rulers left us with, but we drive on what is left of the road. Furthermore, what is left of anything, in and around us, is what we have.

Its been a long time since I mentioned my driving tales. There have been no lack of them, to start with, but what I feel is that you don’t stop wondering of ‘whys’ of the road when the off-road adventures become too crazed up. But I do have some issues with bikers! People I understand that traveling on a bike makes every sense of your humanly body to become active and you feel the feeling of flying…. But fellows I wish to remind you kay motor aur motarsiikaal dono main mayoos kun toor par urnay wala gear nahi hai! Please don’t try swiping your bikes through spaces at traffic signals! Its excruciating to bare!

While on the other part of the world a movie just got canceled in Hollywood. All it took was a hack of intolerance.  And the new year has arrived. Viola! It is now on Youtube and the entire internet. One hiccup for cinema owners… while the movie enjoys the new twist in mass entertainment industry’s turn in history.

 Life…. -signs- -cliché-

Growing up again… it is like I have one season final and I had to move on to the start of another brand new season. Fingers crossed as always, as for success or failure, it is too blurry to be defined yet again. It is like eating an allo anda pratha! you are just not sure which you wish was the one you wanted more, the crispy salty fried anda or the preserved meshed spiced-up allo. But you always feel that even though you enjoyed it, still one of the two are missing the edge. Unfortunately you are full now and that was all that mattered from the start till the end.

Hello new year, we meet again. And it’s the same old bone crushing cold. How symbolic is your arrival. 2015! you naya saal!

What we imagine and what movies made us imagine… everything is meant to fall short of it. Neither we have our better selves nor do we have flying cars. What we have is our scared-survived self with more emotional baggage and cars with no airbags.

Due to the havoc created by the terrorism in the last few decades, the world has had some time to revisit the perception of what is Che Guevara and what is Che Guevara gone-wrong! The young-ones have shifted their teen-perception of ‘cool’ to what-works-perception of ‘cool’ in their adult life. The world is not the only thing rolling you know!

Meanwhile at the helm of power, the aristocrats and the democrats are again trying to find quicker, cheaper and ‘democratic’ decisions, to smooth out the hiccups of the current past. How inconveniently ironic of slower, extravagant and self-centered ones! 
The terrible paradox that this year also did not fail to reemphasize is that nature of man is so obvious and still so complex to resolve. 

p.s. the winter is here! And the sui gas has gone somewhere! ab rome mein chicken karahi kaisay pakay gi! Bhai koi cylinder doondh kar lao ab!

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