Saturday, August 9, 2014

Victims aur Vehari

So the ceremonious Eid has come to an end. The life is back to its usual turtle pace again, although I still can not find time for my endless joys. But coffee always helps!
I gave a visit to my saint home, this summer, AGAIN!
The streets were dug up. The people well mortified. The gas stations were out of gas(as well as petrol, a new high). And the recently built ‘namesake of an (N) MNA surname’ road, was on the verge of tearing apart, like literally. A board across the wall of the famous science college of the city of saints, had the picture of unfortunate previous-national-assembly-hopeful, who failed to secure a seat in the constituency…. declaring the arrival of METRO!
-Face palm-
For last 5 years the people of the town suffered from pain… gave their blood, sweat and tears to the construction.. not the mention the cars that died with twisted axles and bikes that choked on their own shocks!!
Just when they thought it was over…. They dragged them back into the .  
(Say hi to anti-allergies!! You victims of bad administration and worse political decisions!!!)
After a few days of apprehension, I took a turn towards Dehli. From the city of saints I went on a journey to Vehari.
To my surprise the road was the best part. It reinforced on me as to what the motorways and the highways are missing…. Life!
One of the most beautiful road trips, with bowing trees and green fields all around. It was a nostalgic flash back to some euro road trip with running horses and bright sun light. One can capture a perfect romantic song for a film on it!
Although in the current state of the land of pure, this was a container-less road!! as well as, for a fact, this road did not have a single toll plaza. Best things in life are indeed for free!
Interestingly enough, this city which was part of the Indus civilization, has yet to attain full access to gas! With such high caliber politicians in this town, it’s a sad reality.

p.s. aur dou vote galat logo ko! :/

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