Sunday, January 27, 2013

kids aur khaandan

Warning: the following blog post is a public awareness message!
even in one's wildest dreams, one is least probable to dream a 5 year old running a bull cart!
i saw that happen!! and i was not in spain or mexico... but in the very own, city of the saints situated in the land of the pure.
kids in this city are truly gifted with exceptional super powers. they can make you smile, cry and super angry! all at the same time. with gross sledges, cunning statements and innocent eyes, these agents of mankind's survival are the best of their kidkind.
we do think at times that its hard to handle kids, least i do, but at the same time having kids in your family is a sign of continuity of race, caste and creed, making it worth the effort. In long run, though, leading to the formation of cults and prejudice for each one e.g. arain, jatt, gujjar, rajput, awan etc, each with the weirdest mode of khandaani bonding.
but kids are what you transfer to them in terms of manners and attitude, in terms of education and grooming, not just genes.
living in a stressful society where the fertility rate is falling down like stocks of peace in international wartime stock-exchange, one has to look beyond the conventional beliefs. married couples without a child, should adopt underprivileged and orphan kids who can equally be the true agents of happiness. these kids have more radiating happy genes in them then those who trouble their marriage on the bases of fertility and not to speak the gender of kid as well. the time has come that the society balances its act and embraces life! Welcome to the modern world!

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