Friday, October 5, 2012

Fruit aur Falsafa

Dear readers, its been a long time. Real long time.
Well to justify I would say this… it was my testing of the year.
Usually I tend to have a different style of explaining things, but this time I shall share an inspiring story(specially in the current phase of examination). A very different way of how other living being make lemonade out of the lemons they get!
I came to know of a specter that nature holds. The instinct that the Lord has instilled the living cells. To grow and survive.
As many of the inhabitants of the city of saints must know, mangoes don’t grow overnight. Even if you buy a new born orchard, still it would take 5 to 7 years to make something for itself.
But here is a story that metaphorically tells us more about the world than anything.
Narrated in the words of a wise and content man…
‘you know sir, when a man is ill, he knows if hes going to recover or hes going to die. He can weigh his resolve and passion for life in balance. If the external forces to fight against, and the illness within hallows you up. You know its time!’
‘but yesterday I saw it in a mango plant. It was merely of the height of your knee. While being deprived off from water and fertilizer, the plant was weak. And from where I saw, the plant knew it was dying.
Though, there was something unusual. I was holding a mango!
A tree trice its size wont hold a mango, sir. But it did. Do you know why?
Well here is the thing. When the plant knew that its growth is not possible anymore in the given resource, it came under stress. The only thing that was left for it was…. survival. The will that the lord has us all have. That last and the only fruit of that plant was its only try for the survival of its race!’
And that, my friends, is the ultimate raw fruit of falsafa(philosophy).

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