Friday, April 20, 2012

Project aur perkachay

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I am the student studying medicine. A naked health hazard! You value me for saving your life tomorrow, I rather pray you don’t become me sorrow. The best chance that you stay alive is if I switch fields or opt for a different career.
It all happened in the saint city, back in the sanity days. The unforgiving hot breezes in place of great character and fantasy land smacked me with a career in medicine. With delightful expression on parents faces and empty head in full of life soul, everything seemed perfect. With a remarkable shift from a private school to a state university…. Nothing could have been better than this!!
I embarked on the journey of ending a lifetime : ( … “project kawara” aka bachelors.
It started with the summers of saintly city. Not a good time to start anything. In a place where teacher initially seem ruder and seniors more kill-some! The frighten face of my batch seem least sorry for themselves then I was. We were good enough to throw a class mate on moon but could not get enough response from a girl in our class. Driven not by an artificial freedom from homeland these soon to turn “khawateen” were moved by the passion of saving their face and character!
Now 4 years onward they still loathe half of the paindu guys in class and themselves celebrate their paindu-ness by bunking extracurricular activity days to have a boring trip to abode. While the male paindooss roam around in the department in search of sighting some sasti be-eaou-Tes! And try to screw with each others mind while having respect for absolutely no one. As much of the enjoyable routine and local paindo thinks of it to be but still … shit every paindu says… “yar number nahi atay”. This leads to the TC “ON” teacher don(down)!! Spending hours with teachers back biting rival fellows and toeing the line with the given professor against his or her own nemesis. Quite a disgustful routine in itself.
The only problem is that there is no room for progress in this lackluster situation. Most of all with the degree term soon to end, things seem bleak on with the hindsight! And the future seems not so bright. BUT PROJECT KAWARA!!! Oh boy!! Its on the all time high!!! With anonymous people first accepting my add on facebook then blocking me, much criticized presentations and angry class representatives… this moment is second to no epicness!!
In tatters are the aspirations of this proposition of making the true medicine one! Alas, is your life any much less endangered… your safety and security lied in the unabridged version of project kawarapar ab tou perkachay urr gaye hai bahi… baat tou samaj gaye hogay aap ;D duwa karay :D

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